Story shout

Natalie sucks at letting go of control

In this episode of Story Shout with Kelly Jones, I talked about how I delegates, where I can improve, and why letting go of control is so important.

What to do (+ not do) with Memberships + Pricing Your Programs with Natalie Sisson

What to Do (+ Not Do) With Memberships + Pricing Your Programs With Natalie Sisson

In this week's episode of No One's Ever Asked Me That podcast with Christine McAlister, I talked about what to do (and what not to do) when creating memberships and pricing your programs.


Writing Non-Fiction With Personal Stories with Natalie Sisson

How can you write a useful self-help book with actionable tips, but also bring it to life with personal stories? How can you use a book title to attract your target market? Natalie Sisson shares her experience with Joanna Penn in writing her latest non-fiction book.

NS Zimmerman podcast

How to Regularly Question Your Purpose to Access Your Potential

Natalie sits down with Jessica Zimmerman on Zimmerman podcast and talks about how to adjust when your business life and personal purpose feel out of alignment; how to approach business holistically and allow ourselves to be real people as well as business owners; how to create goals and intentions that can adjust as you grow; and her eight key focus areas for goals and intention setting.

Natalie Sisson at Speaking Your Brand

Use Public Accountability to Achieve Big Goals with Natalie Sisson

Listen to the Speaking Your Brand podcast where I spoke to Carol Cox about why I decided to self-publish and crowdfund my latest book, Suck it up, Princess, and how I use public accountability to achieve my goals.

Capital Magazine Cover

Q&A: Natalie Sisson

Enjoy this fun Q&A with me, the Author in Capital Magazine and learn more about the book and what I wanted to be when I grew up!

Natalie Sisson at The Sigrun Show

Suck It Up, Princess with Natalie Sisson at the sigrun show

In this episode, Natalie speaks about her book Suck It Up, Princess – and how you can get over yourself so you’re ready to achieve your goals.  

“There’s something empowering about being direct with yourself and taking control and responsibility for how you’re feeling.” - Natalie Sisson

Tuffish Show with Natalie Sisson

The TufFish Show

In this episode of The TufFish Show, I jammed with Jennifer Milius about what it takes to write a book and how you can self-publish yours like the heroine you are.

Detail Therapy Podcast Featuring Natalie Sisson

Suck It Up Princess… and Other Hard Advice Feat. Natalie Sisson

In this episode of Detail Therapy, I talk about my new book, Suck It Up Princess, and how to unapologetically pursue your dreams.


Queenstown Life podcast

In the Queenstown Life podcast, I talk to Jane Guy about our mahi, the women we're surrounded by, my pregnancy, and how I'm going to juggle the juggle!

Natalie Sisson LYCD

Thinking Time with Natalie Sisson

On Productivityist podcast with Mike Vardy, I talk about the process of changing my business identity and how to get unstuck from the fear of growth.


Extended: How to create sales funnels to help your business grow and profit

On The OffBeat Life podcast with Debbie, I talk about how you can grow your business and profit with an effective sales funnel.


get paid to be you with natalie sisson

On Life Skills That Matter podcast with Stephen Warley, I talk about how to practice telling your story and identifying your unfair advantage as the starting point for creating your business.


Dream Bigger, believe more, implement

On Make it Happen podcast, I talk about how I wrote a complete guide to creating a location independent business and lifestyle you love while helping entrepreneurs how to tap their own potential.


how this corporate worker left the grind to build an online business

On The Off Beat Life with Debbie podcast, I talk about how to tap your own potential and the future of work.


Getting Paid to be you with natalie sisson

On Pep Talks for Side Hustlers with Shannon Mattern podcast, I talk about marketing strategy to grow your audience and lessons you can learn from a flop launch.


How to pivot profitably

On Profit Boss Radio with Hilary Hendershott podcast, I talk about how to conciously curate your freedom as you build your business on your terms.


Preselling, Delegation, and Imposter Syndrome 

On Jonny Nastor's Hack the Entrepreneurship podcast, I talk about how the current pandemic has changed people's attitudes toward working at home. 


Building a Creative Business for the long term

On Joanna Penn's The Creative Penn podcast, I talk about about how I pivoted my brand after a change in lifestyle and how books play just one part in my non-fiction business!


From Corporate employee to Entrepreneur with 8 Profitable Revenue Streams

On Ambition Pays Off with Anna Konchar podcast, I talk about how I left my corporate career to monetize my 6 month old blog, and how I have built 8 profitable revenue streams in my business since then!


How to be proactive not reactive in business

On Thrive TV Show with Lauren Parsons, I talk about why you need to be proactive and not reactive in your business right now, what to focus on during the pandemic to stay true to your values,  and the power of rituals and routines to keep you focused on what matters.


How to get paid to be you even during a pandemic 

In Dr. Michelle Mazur's Rebel Uprising podcast, I provide insight into how to use the skills that you know -  to help those around you, why it's OKAY to be getting paid for your unique skills and how to find the new paid offering that you can create in the next 30 days.


How to travel the world and make a living

In Authors Who Lead with Azur Terronez podcast, I talk about having the power of choice when you have the freedom, the concept of being a leading learner and how to think like an entrepreneur even if you’re an author.


creating multiple revenue streams

In Scaling Up with Elizabeth Hartke podcast, I talk about how I monetized my business in the beginning stages, how we all have parts of us that are monetizable, and the importance of multiple income streams.


Live up to your potential

In Bruce Langford's Mindfulness Mode podcast, I talk about everyone can take their unique set of skills, knowledge, and experience to earn a living and make an impact from anywhere, simply by being them.


how to reinvent & refine your brand 

In Jaclyn Mellone's Go-To-Gal podcast, I talk about how to explore and rediscover what you love about your business, how to make sure you’re in alignment with your business and I share simple steps to begin evolving your brand.


Why being a leading learner will help you stay relevant to your clients & in your industry

In Scaling Deep podcast with Lisa Princic, I talk about how I transitioned my business as my life became more settled, how I navigated re-branding myself and my work, and why I didn’t want to scale everything up. Lisa and I also discuss the fascinating future of work and how technology is becoming more integrated with what we do – and how to prepare for the changes that are already on their way.

How To Get Paid To Be YOU

In this Entrepreneurial Truth podcast interview, Jim and I talk about my biggest learnings in my journey, my advice to new entrepreneursand what made me pivot to what I'm doing now.

How to LAUNCH Your Dang Course (With a Small Audience)

In Do you even blog podcast, we're walking through the process of creating & selling your digital product, start to finish!