December 14

Minimalism in Relation to Lifestyle Freedom


We’ve all been there. That sudden desire to do something we’ve always wanted to do creeps up on us and tackles us viciously.

Not only does it tell us that we need to make this change right now but it also informs us that we must do it with everything we have.

Soon, you find yourself surrounded by mats, bamboo blinds, and fake plants that accumulated while you were trying to follow the voice inside you telling you to pursue yoga, for example.

You may feel as though your goal wasn’t true to your heart in the first place. That’s not necessarily right. You may, in fact, love yoga. The issue here lies in that need within you to purchase things in order to fulfill that goal.

Let’s break it down…

  • You start by realizing that you need to meet a certain goal in order to live a truly free lifestyle.
  • You take a look at those around you and think that you need what they need in order to meet your goal successfully.
  • You start accumulating things in the pursuit of that goal.
  • You become so overwhelmed with everything that you have accumulated because it distracts you rather than helping you focus on your results.
  • You give up on your goal entirely.

Somewhere along the way, you associated success with objects. You came to the conclusion that only things would be able to help you get to where you need to be.

The truth is that everything that you need to achieve lifestyle freedom is within you. All of the objects at our disposal are simply tools to help us to live more efficiently.

Think about a dog that has a single chew toy. When they decide that they want to play, that chew toy helps them to achieve that goal and they don’t need to think about what they are going to do or how they are going to do it.

When a dog has dozens of toys, however. The dog may become overwhelmed and give up on trying to play entirely.

Kayla, my White German Shepherd in her element!

That is similar to how we function. When we have the bare minimum of tools needed to achieve our goals, we don’t find it hard to make it to where we want to be.

When we are surrounded by too many objects and too much information, however, we become paralyzed and find it difficult to focus on our real priority: our goal.

How can we avoid this?

#1. Aim to achieve your goal with what you have at your disposal

Let’s face it, if your goal is to be more active, you don’t need racks of weights and a treadmill in order to incorporate fitness into your new lifestyle.

To work out, all you truly need is yourself and a short list of exercises that you can easily achieve from home. You may not even need this if all you want to do is walk outside every day.

Look over your goal and look at your life. Do you have what you need to be fit? Is what you want to purchase truly necessary or do you think you need it because other people have it?

Being able to answer these questions and living with what you have rather than with what you think you need will greatly help you in your efforts to achieve a lifestyle of personal freedom.

#2. Buy only what you need

Let’s assume that you do want to be a bodybuilder and you don’t have those materials in your area. It’s okay to buy what you need to help you achieve your goal.

If you have time to go to the gym, get a gym membership. If you can’t escape for that long, buy that home exercise gym. If you need to bulk up, purchase that protein powder.

I’m not saying that you aren’t allowed to purchase anything. I am only stating that you should purchase what you need and what you need only.

Having more will only frustrate you and distract you from your lifestyle goals. Remind yourself of that daily prior to purchasing anything in any of the major lifestyle categories.

#3. Clear out your things every once in a while

It’s human nature to collect. We find things we love, we take them home, and we leave them around the house.

Even if you are purchasing only things you need, it is still possible to end up with too many things as you continue purchasing newer items.

Set aside some time every month to look over your items as well as your goals.

Do the things around you help you to achieve lifestyle freedom? Does that older item that you used in the beginning of your journey serve its purpose anymore?

If not, get rid of it. This will not only prevent you from being distracted from your goals but it will also show you how far you’ve come in your journey.

Your older objects are likely to be of no value anymore while your newer tools prove to you that you have come far.

Know this when you are cleaning out the old and celebrating the new.

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