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Learn How To Monetise You: 12 Ways To Earn $10k Per Month.

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It’s Time to Generate More Income, Simply by Being You

Are you an aspiring entrepreneur looking to build a business you love, with multiple revenue streams, but you don’t know where to start?

Or are you a female entrepreneur looking to grow her client list, income and impact, but the growth you want simply isn’t happening and you feel bound by just one source of income?

Or are you looking for a totally fresh change in pace and direction and want to build a business, that lights you up, around your values, skill sets, personality and experience?

This is for you if you want to:


Get paid to write books and earn a full-time living from it


Get paid to speak on stages around the world like a LadyBoss


Create digital products that sell themselves on autopilot


Become a renowned course creator that impacts the lives of thousands


Start, grow, and monetise a podcast that becomes a killer business tool 


Build a thriving service-based business with your perfect clients


Build and scale a six or seven figure agency business that rocks


Earn six figures through blogging and affiliate marketing 


Have six figure months with VIP Days that transform your clients' lives


Create a thriving profitable membership that gives you predictable and recurring income every month

4 Reasons why you must grab this VIP Bundle



You're tired of trading all your hours for not enough moollah. You work, work, work, work. It's enough. Time to make more time to action the things you really want to do. Having multiple income streams will let you do that, and you'll have more financial freedom and flexibility.



Your business is your baby. And you love it. But it's time for more. Maybe you're sitting on a skill or some knowledge that you just know will help others but you don't know how to monetise it. These women do. They'll show you how.



There's only one of you on the whole planet. In the whole universe. Isn't that AMAZING? It's time for you to use that to your advantage. When you leverage YOU, you have something that no-one else has. And that's powerful. 

Time to share yourself with the world, lady, and get paid to be you in multiple ways!


Instant excitement

Maybe you've been thinking about another way to create a separate income stream but you just don't know what's out there. You don't know what you don't know. These women KNOW. And when you find it all out...the excitement levels are going to raise the roof off this thing.

Meet the 12 speakers teaching you how to monetise yourself simply by being you.

Get Paid to Write Full-Time as a 6-Figure Published Author

Joanna Penn writes non-fiction for authors and is an award-nominated, New York Times and USA Today bestselling thriller author. She's also built a multiple six-figure business as an author of over 30 books.

She will teach you how to write, publish and market your book — and make a living from your writing.

We cover ALL the ins and outs of how you can take everything you know and monetise it through writing and publishing your books, and fulfil your dreams! 

Joanna Penn

Joanna Penn

Award-Winning Creative Entrepreneur

Share Your Powerful Message and Become a 5-Figure Keynote Speaker

Carol Cox is the founder of Speaking Your Brand®. If you've ever thought that you have what it takes to get onstage and share what you know, then there's no reason why you can't be a high-performing, purpose-driven woman entrepreneur or professional who gets paid five figures to speak on stage.

Carol shares how to develop your signature talk that positions you as a thought leader and lets you inspire thousands of people from the stage while growing your business. 

Carol Cox

Carol Cox

Founder, Speaking Your Brand® 

How to Turn Your Blog Into a 6-Figure Business With Affiliate Marketing

So, you have a blog. And you heart it big time. Then, meet ex-journalist turned CEO of a multi-six-figure blog and online business, Kate Kordsmeier, who's built a thriving online business that impacts thousands through two blogs.

We pull back the curtain on how to make thousands, or tens of thousands, per month through affiliate marketing that is both ethical and aligns with what you offer. 

Kate Kordsmeier - Monetise You Summit Speaker

Kate Kordsmeier


How to Launch and Grow a Niche Podcast That Acts As an Amazing Lead Generator and Business Tool

Valerie Shoopman is the Podcast Educator and Head Podcast Launch Coach with Cashflow Podcasting.  

She will show you how to become an industry leader, thought leader or simply reach more people, change more lives and generate amazing leads and sales through the power of podcasting.

We talk about how to launch and grow a podcast, why niching is so important and how you can earns tens of thousands of dollars even with a tiny audience by monetising your podcast right.

Valerie Shoopman

Valerie Shoopman

Head Podcast Launch Coach, Cashflow Podcasting 

Building a Multiple 6-Figure Business on a $99 Product

Neta Talmor is the owner of No Hassle Website and everything no hassle! She’s built a thriving multiple six-figure business by producing incredibly valuable $99 products that her customers adore!

She teaches you to take what you know and create easy, smart and uber-affordable solutions to seemingly complicated problems that reduce overwhelm and increase profit, with no hassle!

Neta Talmor

Neta Talmor

Owner, No Hassle Website

Building an Online Course Empire by Teaching What you Love

The Queen of getting paid to be you, digital nomad OG and course-creating genius. When it comes to tapping into your potential and monetising yourself, Natalie has this thing waxed.

And now she's going to tell you all the juicy secrets so you can do it too! Learn how to deliver an outstanding online course your audience has asked you for, before you've even created it, and turn it into a multiple six-figure income stream.

You'll learn what course to create, what to name it, how to price it, how to find your audience, and launch like a boss.

Natalie Sisson

Natalie Sisson

Monetisation Coach at

How to Quickly Monetise Your Passion to Build a Multi-Faceted 6-Figure Business and Thriving Membership

Trupti Karjinni is an inspiring Artist and Creative Coach from Belgaum, India, who first began painting with watercolours in 2017 on the side, before quitting her corporate job and quickly growing her art practice to build a multi-faceted six-figure business.

Not only does she sell world-renowned handmade watercolour paints, sketchbooks and other art materials, she's also built a thriving online membership with students across the globe.

She reveals how to build a thriving, sustainable business with courses and memberships, and how you can live an abundant life doing and sharing what you love.

Trupti Karjinni

Trupti Karjinni

Artist and Creative Coach, Founder of Blue Pine Arts.

How to be the Best Service Provider in Your Niche, Invest in Yourself and Triple Your Income

Co-founder of Content Bistro, creator of Ready-to-Sell™, and co-creator of Momentum Mise-en-Place®, Prerna has worked with over 500 clients worldwide including some of the biggest and best names in the industry, such as Pat Flynn, Vanessa Lau, Tanya Aliza, Joanna Wiebe, Kerwin Rae, Amy Porterfield, Carrie Wilkerson, Alli Worthington, and others!

What is she going to teach you? How to become the BEST at what you do, even when starting from scratch, to build a service-based business you love, and lets you work in your zone of genius. 

Plus you'll learn the power of investing in you so that you can make that investment back with extra 000s all over the damn place.

Prerna Malik - Monetise You Summit Speaker

Prerna Malik

Co-founder, Content Bistro

How to Go From One-Woman Show to a 7-figure Agency

Tasha Booth is an agency owner, coach, and podcaster. She is the Founder & CEO of The Launch Guild - a Course Launch Support & Digital Marketing Implementation Agency.

She's living proof of what is possible when you dream big. Starting out as a Virtual Assistant, Tasha reveals what it took to grow her own seven-figure Agency helping coaches and entrepreneurs with course & podcast launch support and systems set-ups & migration.

We discuss how to take that leap, hire and grow your world-class team, what to charge, how to scale and all the ins and outs of an Agency Model business.

Tasha Booth - Monetise You Summit Speaker

Tasha Booth

Agency Owner

Make 6 Figures a Year Working 4 Days a Month With VIP Days

Jordan Gill, operations consultant and founder of Systems Saved Me, helps overworked one-woman shows become streamlined solopreneurs.

Her jam is creating a cohesive operating system for managing your tasks, files, and inbox. 

She's also the master of creating high-end VIP days that allow you to work just four days a month and earn six figures, while making a huge impact in your clients' lives.

If this is the dream business model you've wanted to build, tune in to learn exactly how to do this for yourself.

Jordan Gill - Monetise You Summit Speakers

Jordan Gill

Founder, Systems Saved Me

How to Go From $180ph Hour Coaching to a Multi-Million Dollar High Level Coaching Business

Sigrun is a CEO turned entrepreneur, licensed architect, certified trainer, software engineer, and executive MBA. 

Sigrun started her online business and quickly built a multiple seven-figure coaching business. With a membership, coaching programmes and masterminds she helps women from all over the world start, build, and scale their online businesses to six and seven figures.

In this inspiring session we talk about finding your mission, how to get started coaching people and how to grow this into a thriving business that makes a huge impact in peoples' lives.

We're talking mastering your growth and money mindset, and all the ways in which you can go from 1-1 coaching to group coaching, courses, masterminds and beyond!

Sigrun Gudjonsdottir - Monetise You Summit Speaker

Sigrun Gudjonsdottir

CEO and Founder of SOMBA 

How You Can Get Brand Sponsorships as an Influencer and Entrepreneur to Grow Your Revenue

Gwen Lane helps impact-driven content creators grow their influence and revenue through brand sponsorships and digital products.

With 15+ years of corporate experience in digital marketing in LA’s entertainment industry, she started her own lifestyle and travel blog in 2015 and has worked with top Fortune500 brands like Disney, Facebook, Google, Nike, Target, Starbucks and more.

She launched The Spark School and has helped close to 5,000 students worldwide through her online programs and workshops. When she’s not creating content or coaching, she’s traveling or hiking with her husband and business partner, Luke.

Gwen Lane

Gwen Lane

How to Invest in Property With Zero Dollars and Earn $10K a Month in Passive Income

Sarah Weaver believes you should live where you want and invest where the numbers make sense. She’s living proof of this. Sarah is a real estate investor and coach. She invests in rentals in the U.S. yet is currently living in New Zealand. (She fled to New Zealand in March 2020 because of COVID and got in FOUR days before NZ closed their borders!).

From cash flow to appreciation to Cap Rates, Sarah loves teaching others how to create income streams through real estate. She teaches both investors and real estate agents.

Sarah has traveled to 44 countries and has worked remotely for the past six years. Nothing thrills Sarah more than to help people live big, exciting lives by creating passive income streams through real estate investing.

Sarah has lived in five states and on four continents. It’s hard to know where Sarah is on any given day, but one thing stays the same: she loves this stuff!

Sarah Weaver

Sarah Weaver

You also get these amazing Bonuses Include:

With the VIP All Access Pass, you get some pretty incredible bonuses from our pretty incredible speakers. 

LinkedIn for Speakers Masterclass - Valued at $197

By Carol Cox

In this masterclass you will learn how you can leverage the power of LinkedIn to land speaking gigs, build your brand, and grow your business. You will be able to optimise your profile, create and share content, grow your network and position yourself as a premium speaker!

LinkedIn for Speakers Masterclass by Carol Cox

Podcast Readiness Review - Valued at $100

By Valerie Shoopman

Get your very own unique video review of our Podcast Success Scorecard from Head Launch Coach Valerie Shoopman to help you determine your level of readiness to create a successful business podcast. Includes access to an interactive readiness quiz as well as tips and strategies to plan, launch, and grow a world-class business podcast!

Podcast Readiness Review by Valerie Shoopman

Eliminating Team Overwhelm as an Agency Owner and CEO

By Tasha Booth

This 15-minute video training will show you how to manage and work with a team as you scale and grow your business. Did someone say overwhelm avoided? Oh, hell yes.

Eliminating Team Overwhelm as an Agency Owner and CEO by Tasha Booth

99-Step Roadmap to a Profitable Blog

By Kate Kordsmeier

This is a step-by-step, minute-by-minute action plan to create your own six-figure blog. Can. You even. Deal. Learn the exact process Kate used grow her blog to $150,000 in revenue in just 3 years.

99-Step Roadmap to a Profitable Blog by Kate Kordmeir

The Authority Amplification Plan: 14 Virtual Stages for You to Shine Brilliantly on and Promote Your Services and Courses

By Prerna Malik

Discover how to amplify your authority. Create your 3-step authority amplification plan and show up on stages so you can share what you do and do what you love to attract perfect-fit customers and clients. 

The Authority Amplification Plan: 14 Virtual Stages for You to Shine Brilliantly on and Promote Your Services and Courses by Prerna Malik

Create a Scalable Offer That Sells - Valued at $197

By Sigrun Gudjonsdottir

Walk away with a scalable offer that your clients actually want to buy! This workshop is usually only available to Sigrun's private clients, but you will get it as a bonus! You will go through 6 steps of creating the signature offer that allows you to become the go-to person in your field. You will also get an exact blueprint on how to craft the right message that speaks to your ideal clients and learn how to package your offer so that it practically sells itself and is a no-brainer for your prospects.

Create a Scalable Offer That Sells - Valued at $197 by Sigrun

Creative Membership Stories e-book

By Trupti Karjinni

You'll not only get inspiring words, but also amazing tips and strategies from nine incredible artists who are membership owners, to help you start and build YOUR successful membership.

Creative Membership Stories e-book by Trupti

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I'm  Natalie Sisson

I'm an entrepreneur from New Zealand, investor, host of the ‘Untapped’ podcast, handstand lover, and imperfect ally.

In my role as a Monetisation Coach, I'm passionate about helping women tap into their potential and get paid to be them, so they make an income and impact, simply by being who they are. 

As Queen Bee of the $10K Club, my mission is to help 1,000 women earn $10K per month and contribute at least 1% of their revenue to causes they care about that help lift girls and women up, to create a ripple effect in each others’ lives.

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