September 9

EPS 83: Reinvent Your Mid-Life and Turn It Into a New Career With Juju Hook


Have you woken up recently and felt completely lost within your life, looking for a fresh start? 

Or you’d like to reinvent yourself ‘mid-life’, yet that seems like one more chore on your endless list of to-dos? 

What if I said you could reinvent yourself mid-way through your life, by tapping into your unique essence and make an easy transition into a new business or career…without throwing away your hard-earned knowledge and reputation? 

In this episode of the UNTAPPED podcast, you’ll learn how to make a mid-life transition into a new brand or business, without starting at the beginning.

You’ll uncover how to use your decades of knowledge and apply that experience you’ve acquired, to take the overwhelm and underwhelm out of both your personal and professional life and turn it into a new, rich, and exciting career.

My guest in this episode, Juju Hook, did just that for herself, so she knows how you may be feeling. 

After feeling she had lost herself to being overly involved with her teenage son and questioning her relevancy within her job market, she took the plunge and changed direction! 

She used her 25 years’ experience in corporate branding, strategic planning facilitation, and special events with heavyweight industry clients and stepped into the speaking circuit to rebrand middle age for women. 

By having the courage to put herself out there, determining what she actually loved, and using what she already knew. She found the connection to her ideal audience and centered her new business around her lifestyle…and not the other way around.

What we are really talking about here is financial and MINDSET freedom.

So tune into this podcast, if you’re looking to walk down a different path by using ALL your unique talents, gifts, purpose, and temperament to deliver a brand that is truly the essence of you. 

Tune in to the episode using this magic link which will open up in your chosen podcast player!

We explore:

  • What reinventing your mid-life means and how to apply it if you are looking to change direction into a new business or career
  • How Juju took a chance and set a timeline to replace her income in just 4 years – and how you can apply her story to yourself
  • How she is using her mastery, skills, and knowledge to reflect what other women in their prime time can achieve
  • What the difference is between revenue and profit and what it really means to run a profitable business
  • What it means to have a heart-centered business
  • How to acknowledge your zone of genius so that you can have financial and mindset freedom that is unique to your essence and ideals.

Podcast Resources and Links:

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Discover more about Juju on her website here

Read Juju Hook’s book: Hot Flashes, Carpools, and Dirty Martinis—The Quintessential Guide for Turning Midlife into PrimeTime

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