September 30

Eps 86: Why the Future of Work is Self Employment with Stephen Warley


What if I told you that you could reclaim 2020 as your own?

You see, the future of work is self employment. And right now, more than anytime in history, this is more possible and more needed, than ever. 

More people are turning to becoming their own boss, finding freelance work and embracing the freedom of being a location independent contractor, in parts thanks to the pandemic, but also, thanks to the future of work being right NOW.

I’ve been talking about this trend since 2010 when I started out on my location independent journey. I’m so glad it’s become a reality for people to consider doing for themselves, even if for many, it’s been forced on them to come up to alternatives to traditional 9-5 work.

It’s time to redesign your life around what really matters and reinvent the way we work. And I am telling you, it is absolutely possible to turn uncertainty into purpose!

Our guest on the UNTAPPED podcast has been “living in the future” for 20 years now. 

Stephen Warley was laid off from his job and instead of panicking, he made that the greatest gift he has ever received. 

Over 20 years ago Stephen decided to make the self employment dream his reality, and he hasn’t looked back since. He’s the founder of He’s a solopreneur business coach on a mission to help you create work that works for you in alignment with your values, needs and abilities.

Stephen believes self employment is one of the best ways to get to know yourself because it truly gives you the space to redesign your life around what you love. 

In this episode we talk about:

  • Why self-employment is the future of work.
  • Why managing your energy, instead of just your time will make you more productive. 
  • Why self-awareness is the most important life skill never taught to us
  • How less is more and how purging your stuff can actually show you how to design a life you love.
  • Why financial independence starts by assessing your spending and income generation habits.
  • How Stephen generated $600,000 annually in his last business from only 50 potential clients working 20 hours a week

Ready to become self employed? Tune in to the episode using this magic link which will open up in your chosen podcast player!

Podcast Resources and Links:

Connect further with Stephen on his website Life Skills That Matter right here
Grab Stephen’s awesome Lifestyle Calculator here and find out how much money you really need to live your ideal lifestyle.
Tune into my podcast on How to tap into the future of work.
Want to write your own freedom plan as you redesign your life? I wrote the book on it! Check out The Freedom Plan here!
Ready to earn more income and a bigger impact? Check out my $10K club.


Want to build a kick ass business that lets you create the income and impact you desire? Then download my 'Get Paid to Be YOU' Guide to learn 10 ways to monetize your skills and knowledge and do the work that matters today!


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