January 17

How Sigrun Grew Her Business to Seven Figures in Four Years


Sigrun Gudjonsdottir is one heck of a woman. She’s the type of woman who turned down the role as CEO of Nissan Sweden, to follow love to Switzerland.

Once there, after a lot of soul searching, she figured out how to leverage 10 years of Corporate CEO experience for several major companies, an MBA in Entrepreneurship, and a whole lot of passion, into an incredible online business mentoring women.

In no less than four years, with absolute transparency, she built her business up from five figures in her first year, by offering 1-1 coaching. Less than four years later, she scaled her business model to hit seven figures in revenue with group masterminds, retreats and her signature (and legendary) program SOMBA.

She knew there needed to be a better training out there for women entrepreneurs, so she created it and boldly named it Sigrun’s Online MBA.

What’s more, this Icelandic powerhouse gets amazing results for her clients through her laser sharp coaching instincts, straight up advice and genuine love for seeing women entrepreneurs succeed.

In This Episode of UNTAPPED:

  • Learn why Sigrun’s Icelandic heritage gives her an advantage
  • How Sigrun has turned being a feminist from a young age into a force for good
  • Why one event with Tony Robbins changed her life
  • How she’s turned her favourite colour into a ‘flag’ her clients fly with pride
  • The lessons she learned as a successful CEO in other peoples’ businesses
  • Why a growth mindset has been so important to her continuing success
  • How she started growing her online business and then changed the model to scale it
  • The grand vision she’s prepared to take a big risk on in 2020

Watch this as a video interview right here on my YouTube Channel.

Connect with Sigrun

Loved what you’ve heard and want more Sigrun? Check out her amazing program SOMBA – Sigrun’s Online MBA.  Enrollment is open for a short time now here.

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