December 21

How to Stop Comparison-itis


We all do it. We all suffer from Comparison-itis, and in doing so, sabotage ourselves in the process.

Your aim in life should be to be the very best version of yourself. So why do we all consistently compare ourselves against others?

Why do we look at people who are 3, 5 or even 10 years ahead of us in business and in life and get completely dejected that ‘we’re not there yet’ or that we pale in comparison.

That’s like comparing yourself with Richard Branson and his current empire worth billions, instead of the Richard Branson in college trying to make a magazine come to life and getting loans from his Mum.

You will always come up ridiculously short.

And that’s just a game for losers to play, and you’re a winner, so I suggest you stop that now.

You can’t even begin to know what’s behind their journey, what it took for them to get to where they are now. But you can learn from them, and emulate the great things they do, so long as you don’t try to measure up against them.

Nothing compares to you. You just focus on being your best self.

It doesn’t help that we’re constantly bombarded with ‘overnight success’ stories and internet millionaires making money in their sleep.

I know it can seem like everybody is doing better at everything than you. But they’re not.

In fact often it’s far from the truth, they’re just good at marketing or spinning out the right stuff.

I’d like you to stop this destructive habit of comparison-itis and instead concentrate on where you’re at and what you’ve achieved.

That’s why in this podcast I’ve brought in the heavies, well the heavyweight expert in getting rid of limiting beliefs, stopping your comparison-itis syndrome and shifting your mindset.

My friend Osmaan Sharif is a Performance Coach at Rapid Transformation and he specializes in unlocking your entrepreneurial superpowers and transforming your mindset blocks.

Since Season 5 of Quest for Freedom is all about Mindset Freedom I decided to bring him on to discuss how we can make 2018 our best year ever by doing one thing.

Working on our ‘inner game’.

We discuss how to stop comparing yourself to others, why that’s destructive and two things you can do instead to focus on being your best self.

Hit play above or listen to this episode directly here.

Forget investing in your business, in tools and in more programs in 2018.

Make 2018 the year to invest in your mindset and you will not only see the most transformative shifts, but outstanding results in life and business.

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Design + MINDSET + Strategies = Results.

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