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Find Your Finish Line with Nathan Martin

Is it possible to completely change your life by simply making a decision to take responsibility for your health and purpose in life?

Nathan Martin, my personal triathlon coach and friend is living proof that it is.

Growing up in a family where gambling and drinking were the daily pastimes, he went down a path as a teenager that was leading him to a life of drugs, low paying work and no real future.

But Nathan had better things in mind for his life, and the lives of others and it started with shifting into the health and fitness industry in 2006 when he started out as a personal trainer at Less Mills Gym.

He the went on to discover triathlons and strike forward to 2010 ended up crossing the finish line at Ironman NZ, which was a key moment in Nathan’s journey to finding his purpose, his passion for life and ultimately happiness.

Nathan has now completed 6 full Ironman events plus K2, the Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge, and the Taupo Enduro. He has also represented NZ as an age group triathlete in 2012!

Led by his desire to help people, Nathan set up his own business Change Fitness in 2015 where he focuses on helping others to become great role models and inspires them to find their finish line.

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