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How to Embrace a Beginners Mind and Grow through Discomfort

Lately I’ve been going back to learning what I thought I already knew, and at the same time I’ve been embracing everything I don’t know as I throw myself into the arena of the future of work and learning.

And that’s a scary place to be. The not knowing space. The relinquishing any thoughts you had about being an expert, to embrace a beginner’s mind and enjoy being a student of life.

That’s at the very heart of what Derek Loudermilk and I jammed on in this episode of UNTAPPED.

Derek is a friend and kindred spirit, and he’s also the creator of AdventureQuest Travel, a professional adventurer, bestselling author, speaker, digital nomad and a business coach.

He is the host of the Art of Adventure podcast, one of the top podcasts in the world for location independent business, adventure travel and cutting edge topics.

And to top it off, he is the author of Superconductors: Revolutionize Your Career and Make Big Things Happen, which was long listed for the 2018 UK Best Business Book awards.

He specialises in coaching people who wants to get out of their cubicles and create a life of time, financial, and location freedom. Yep we are pretty much on the same page!

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How Jennifer Lachs Went From Chemist to Digital Nomad Girls Founder


Jennifer Lachs is a former scientist turned freelance writer and the founder of Digital Nomad Girls, a community for location independent women around the world.

She has made it her mission to connect, inspire and empower other nomad girls and foster community online and offline through her virtual coworking community, the DNG Inner Circle, and mastermind retreats in Europe and beyond.

Yet her story is a beautiful collection of taking the path less chosen, taking some leaps at the right time and trusting her instinct. It’s also a perfect example of how, when you’re willing to do the work and understand who you are and what you offer, that you CAN get paid to be you, and help a ton of other people while you’re at it.

Originally from Germany. Jennifer is tough to pin down these days, as she’s taken over my role as the ‘Suitcase Entrepreneur’ with her own style! I’ve not met many people who put as much time, attention and energy into their community and clients as Jennifer, and it’s the key reason she’s developed a tribe of adoring fans and friends, as well as a successful business.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How Jennifer went from scientist to digital nomad
  • Her top tips for running a successful Facebook group
  • The top 3 skills Jennifer gained from leading and valuing her 20K+ Facebook members
  • How she took her skills and knowledge and created multiple revenue streams doing what she loves most 
  • The importance of mindset to being successful in all areas of life


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