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Eps 66: How You Can Set Yourself Free and Become Unstoppable

Without even knowing it, deep inside us we all have (in one form or another) trauma. This might sound scary or even untrue for you, right?

I don’t mean though, that you necessarily have had a deeply distressing or disturbing experience in life, because for some that’s not the case.

Trauma, for each of us looks different. For myself I have always been amazed at strong, brave entrepreneurs that have overcome this huge event in their life, to go on and achieve great success in business and beyond.

But what about those of us who have had relatively ‘normal’ childhoods, that have also gone on to achieve our own success.

Often without even realising it, those that fit into this category will have at some point experienced trauma, that can be found at the root cause of our own inner critic, or the voice behind our imposter syndrome. 

For Mia Hewett it wasn’t until she was in her thirties (with a multi-million dollar business and family of her own under her belt already), when she found herself struggling under the weight of imposter syndrome, and an overwhelming sense of just not being good enough.

Naturally she invested in herself through various forms of personal development, committing thousands of dollars to the cause, with no real solution, or A-ha! moment.

It was only then she realised the solution wasn’t outside of herself, but within. She had been working on her mind, instead of healing the emotional side of herself.

If we don’t heal the emotional side of ourselves, we limit our intellect because we can’t think greater than how we feel.

Mia has helped hundred of entrepreneurs who have always known they are meant for more, but found themselves in a position not too dissimilar to her own, all those years ago, through her methodology ‘Aligned Intelligence’.

Mia shared all of her secrets in her new book ‘Meant for More’ so that entrepreneurs like us no longer have to struggle against that constant internal battle, and can be the Unstoppable Entrepreneurs that we are!

I don’t want to reveal all of the goodness in our amazing conversation, so make sure you listen into the podcast!

In this Episode You’ll Learn:

  • Why we all have trauma from our childhood that needs healing 
  • How you can set yourself free to be 100% unstoppable
  • How you can solve the fear of imposter syndrome
  • How you can no longer fear people’s judgments and failure
  • How you can eliminate the fear of success
  • What you can do to stop being a prisoner of your own mental chatter

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How to Hit Your Goals and Develop Emotional Resilience

How can emotional resilience help you hit your goals?

And what the heck is emotional resilience anyway?

Well you’re about to find out in this episode of UNTAPPED when you listen into my great conversation with Kim Ades.

Kim is the President and Founder of Frame of Mind Coaching and JournalEngine Software and is a recognized as an expert in the area of thought mastery.

She uses her unique philosophy and quirky coaching style to help her clients deal with core issues and shift their thinking in order to yield extraordinary results.

I first had Kim on my Suitcase Entrepreneur podcast 4 years ago where we chatted about limiting beliefs and how to overcome them.

What Kim shared was really valuable, and my listeners thought so too because that episode soon became one of the most downloaded!

So, when Kim reached out to me about coming back on the show, of course I said yes!

This time, Kim is back to share her 15 years of expertise on how to reach a goal.

Often times, we’re capable of creating a plan of attack, but where we fall off is in the actual delivery of that plan.

Kim explains that this isn’t because we’re not taking action but because our thoughts aren’t aligned with our goals.

And since every action starts with a thought, it’s vital that your beliefs match your expectations.

Make sure you tune into this episode because it really is a treat.

Plus, it comes at the perfect time of the year with 2020 quickly approaching.

If you’re ready to stop letting your beliefs hold you hostage and finally reach your goals, then hit the play button below!

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • What keeps talented and driven individuals from reaching their goals
  • What “emotional resilience” is and how we can leverage it
  • Why Kim doesn’t recommend finding a work/life balance
  • What limiting beliefs are, how to become aware of them, and remove them from your life
  • How you can step into your full power and potential


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