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Day 10: How to Choose the Most Productive Workspace for you

Is there such a thing as the most productive workspace for you?

Heck yeah there is. First off you need to ask yourself a few questions to figure it out.

Do you prefer to work from home, an office, a coworking space or a cafe?

Where are you actually most effective?

Where you do your best work from and why that is?

I’ve long been a fan of working from trains, planes, airports and cafes and coworking spaces.

There’s something about the buzz and energy of having people around that allows me to actually focus and be super productive.

Yet when I’m doing podcast interviews or videos that’s not an ideal set up.

So that’s when a dedicated office or working from home is best.

In this video I share the pros and cons of both and also what things you need to consider to get your best work done and work in the right place for you!

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17 Ways to be Ridiculously Productive

To be truly successful, whether it’s in our lives or our business, we need to stay at the top of our game. It can be challenging, but being productive is necessary.

Productivity allows you to crush your goals and soar through tasks in both your business and personal life, helping you to stay at the top of your game and be truly successful!

Do you want to be ridiculously productive? How lucky then, that I’m here to help you have an exceptionally productive 2018!

Fear not, for here are my top 17 tips and get productivity-boosting tips.

Now go out and rock this year, dear freedomist!