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Day 22: Decide then Act

Decide then act. Seems simple right?

Why is it then, that making a decision and acting on it has become such a hard thing to do?

One of the greatest joys and gifts in life is knowing your own mind, being decisive and taking massive action.

This is the one thing I know I do really well in life. It’s been an inbuilt reflex in me, strengthened every time I continue to decide then act.

I’ve booked one way tickets to new countries, quit jobs, started a business, taken many leaps of faith, met amazing people, experienced incredible events – all from making as decision in the moment and standing by it.

Not going back on that decision, or questioning it, or dilly dallying around, or taking too long.

And guess what, it makes life so much easier and it makes other peoples’ lives easier if you’re decisive and decide then act too!

Learn why I’m so passionate that you do the same.

Join me on my 29 day Live video Challenge for all of February and if you want to do it too use the hashtag #29dayslive so I can find you and cheer you on.


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How Can We Use Our Intuition to Build Our Business and Reach Our Goals?

How can a psychic and business medium help us reach our goals?

That is what Willow Bradner,  a hairstylist turned accidental psychic and business medium shares with us on this episode of Untapped!

 She has combined her intuitive abilities with her years of entrepreneurial experience to create one outrageous and genius plan to help the would-be, might be, and the absolutely going for it entrepreneur. 

In this episode, Willow helps us understand where we, as entrepreneurs, are holding back and feeling stuck. 

She gives tips to help clear those blocks while offering grounded entrepreneurial first steps you can take and more. 

I also talk about overcoming your mindset blocks in one of my most recent podcasts where I share the best books for mindset and motivation.

Willow’s abilities as a business medium really give entrepreneurs the intuition to tap into the inner fears that hold them back and allow them to up-level their business.

But how can we use our intuition to make decisions in our business? In a world where so many are used to the instant gratification and feeling like we need that aspect in our business – Willow shares the importance of focusing on your intuition and not your ego and how we can do that!

If you are an entrepreneur with big plans for your business but feel like a lot of what is holding you back is fear – this episode is for you!

Willow is upbeat, real, funny and inspiring – we had a really great conversation in this episode!

In this Episode You’ll Learn:

What Willow believes intuition does for business? 

How can entrepreneurs tap into their intuition to up-level their business? 

How does fear grip us and hold us back? 

What Willow believes is the true paralysis in business? 

How can we move past the paralyzing fear & into our true potential & purpose?

Podcast Resources:

You can learn more about Willow here : www.willowbradner.com

or on Instagram at: @willowbradner

​Download my Get Paid to Be YOU Audio and Bonus 9 Step Guide. You'll learn how to combine your knowledge, skills and passions into multiple income streams that amplify your purpose, impact and profit.