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Eps 67: How to Outsource to Launch Your Online Course Successfully

How often have you reached that point of being monumentally overwhelmed as you scramble to get your online launch of your course or digital product ready?

Do you find yourself having more tasks to do, than there hours in a day, and even found yourself trying to learn a new skillset just to get your online course launched.

Firstly, I want you to know you are definitely not alone.

I actually think it’s a milestone every entrepreneur has to hit – recognising you’re not superwoman, before you truly value the ability to outsource what you simply can’t handle.

Kind of like hitting rock bottom before you can rise up again.

Tasha Booth found herself in this exact position years ago after starting a part-time Virtual Assistant business, that quickly grew into a full-time business for her.

Before long, she found herself limited by her own abilities and of course, time.

Something that we often sacrifice as entrepreneurs for the sake of an online launch or a new service offering that we go all in on.

But what if I told you this meant you no longer had to be hyper-available? What would it mean to you to have not only your time, but mental headspace and clarity back?

I’ve brought Tasha in to join me in this podcast episode to tell us exactly how we can avoid this mistake through strategic outsourcing.

For most of us the thought of outsourcing can be terrifying, because our business is our baby. Our heart and soul goes into it and the thought of entrusting a stranger to value it as much as we do can often be the biggest hurdle to overcome before we take the leap.

Yet one of the most under-valued benefits of outsourcing is the return of your ability to be creative and act intentionally through your business – and reclaim your time.

It’s what has led Tasha, Founder and CEO of the Launch Guild agency, to build a team of 18 so she could take back her freedom in both her business and in her personal life.

This allows her to not only run her agency, but be a business coach to virtual support professionals and host her podcast ‘How She Did That’.

Tasha is passionate about supporting successful coaches and course creators so they can enjoy stress-free launches while sitting gleefully in their zone of genius. So you definitely want to listen in to her wisdom!

In this Episode You’ll Learn:

  • Tasha’s journey to getting paid to be her and monetising her expertise
  • What a launch runway is and why it’s important to consider
  • The importance of defining roles in a launch before assigning them to people
  • The biggest mistakes that Tasha sees new-to-the-launch-space entrepreneurs make
  • Best practices for remaining in your own zone of genius during the launch phase

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How to Launch Your Damn Course in 2020

Imagine having hundreds or thousands of dollars in your bank account from a course you finally launched.

Imagine the joy of finally having a course you’re proud of, that people have already asked and paid for.

Imagine the impact that your course is going to make in their life.

Really, just imagine that…

That’s the power of launching your damn course in 2020. 

I’m a firm believer that you can learn how to package your knowledge and expertise into an online course…even if you don’t have a list, audience or a clear idea of what you can teach.

Like Roxanne who had a list of 150 people, and launched her course to real estate agents and came away with $4,500 in less than a week, plus the joy of engaging with her students who were thrilled in their first week of going through it.

Or Jenny who had an idea for her course that she’d been putting off for 2.5 years, and finally launched it to the tune of $1500 before even creating it.

Or Karen who had a course, but had never done much with it and didn’t believe in it, who shifted her mindset, poured her heart in and made close to $4K by relaunching it.

These three people were part of my Launch Your Damn Course Accelerator I ran live at the end of last year, and who blew me away with how prepared they were to take action and commit to their dreams.

So I thought I’d bring a few of my students on the podcast to share their experience of what it really takes to launch and presell your course in 2020!

In this Episode You’ll Learn:

  • Why 2020 is the best time ever to Launch Your Damn Course
  • 10 reasons to have an online course – as shared by YOU
  • How Karen Green revamped her existing course to make £3,500 in just a few weeks
  • How Jim Greer took his love of being in a band and poured it into a course to get paid gigs 
  • How Jenny Lachs launched a course and made $1500 after completely redoing her original version
  • Why the right mindset is directly correlated to the success of your course  

Podcast Resources:

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Jim Greer’s Course: Start Booking Better Gigs and Earn What You’re Worth

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Join my 60 Day Launch Your Damn Course Accelerator starting Jan 27th