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Four Steps to Self Motivation

So, here’s a question for you: Just how self-motivated are you?

Are you prepared to take charge of your goals and achievements? Or do you set goals, knowing you won’t really work towards them, because they scare your or are too complex?

This came up as a question from one of our lovely member’s Helen, in our Life Pilot Members’ Lounge call this week.

She shared the Mind Tools – The Self-Motivation Quiz with us.

I was curious about how self-motivated I was and figured I’d come out with a high score – just because this is one of my strengths – my internal motivation to be my best self, stretch myself and grow.

My total score was 51/60 which put me right up there, and piqued my curiosity as to what a high level of self-motivation actually meant, and how you could improve it.

Self-motivation is a fundamental tool for reaching your goals, achieving your dreams and succeeding in life.

In this podcast you’ll learn:

  • Four factors necessary to build the strongest levels of self-motivation you can
  • The key ways to build self-confidence and self-efficacy
  • How to identify your strengths and use them
  • How to apply the power of positive thinking to your life
  • Five goal setting principles that can improve our chances of success

Oh and the fourth factor is an external one, and it’s the reason behind my rather exciting news and a rather big change in how I work starting next week.


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The lure of triathlons

It was a beautiful sunny morning as I stood on the edge of Lake Taupo, in the township of Kinloch, ready to start my National Sprint Triathlon championship. Watch the vlog below or tune into the podcast to learn more.

I’d spent three months preparing for this event – but in reality, this was just one of many events that will be part of my lifelong love with this sport.

That’s because triathlons are a way of life, and one of the fastest growing sports in the world, particularly for women who are leading the charge in taking to it, like ducks to water….and cycling and running.

Yet, this event was the one I picked out to train for back in October 2018, as a point towards which I could focus my efforts and gear up to as something that was achievable in that time frame.

Oh how wrong I was. Yes I did compete and complete my sprint triathlon and hit two out of my three goal times, but I also had my ass handed to me by a younger, fitter and far more experienced field of triathletes.

They inspired me with their skill and speed, and their years of commitment to becoming so good at a multi-disciplined sport.

From young to old – yes 80+, these people were all there because the sport of triathlon is such a challenging, yet rewarding one, that it becomes addictive.

It also is the perfect example of a way to push your personal limits, to go to your edges, and to tap into potential you may not have even known you have!

In this podcast you’ll learn:

  • Why triathlons are experiencing phenomenal growth
  • Why everyday people spend so many hours training for them
  • How my Sprint Triathlon race actually went at Kinloch
  • What I wish I had done better
  • Why comparison IS the thief of joy and how I let it effect me
  • The psychological factor of competing against yourself vs others

Want to catch my finish line moment on Instagram? Check it out here.

I fund this podcast’s content, production and publishing. If you enjoy the podcast please become an UNTAPPED supporter!