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3 Lessons I Learned from Tony Robbins

I recently attended a Tony Robbins event in Sydney called ‘Unleash The Power Within.’ It was an incredible event – I laughed, I cried, I had breakdowns and breakthroughs!

During the event he got us to really think through who we are, how we could be growing and learning, and what actions we need to be taking to be our best selves in all areas of life. It was inspiring and transformative.

I have narrowed down all my learnings from the weekend into the three key messages that resonated with me most, which I share in my latest vlog in more depth (plus some footage from the event to pump you up).

Three lessons I learned from Tony Robbins:

1. Always be learning AND aim to be learning from the best
2. Invest in working on mastering your mindset and rewiring your brain!
3. Build your Dream Advisory team to help you grow beyond belief

I’ve realised that while I’m proactive about continually learning and growing, I need to make sure the people that I’m learning from really are the best of the best (aka Tony Robbins!).

Mastering your mindset is NEVER a one-and-done sort of process; it’s something that we all need to continually work on, re-shifting how we think about ourselves, others, and life.

I’ve also now made a goal of creating my Dream Advisory Team by the end of this year.

Because no matter how wise or knowledgable you are about your business, you absolutely need people to give you advice, encouragement, and critiques.

No one has the answer to everything, but when we help each other grow and share our knowledge and skills we can truly become our best selves!

Another thing that fascinated me at Unleash The Power Within was learning what the #1 fear was out of all those 8,000 amazing, excited, and driven people attending. Can you guess what it was?

Money. It’s frustrating that this continues to be a fear and source of worry for so many of us (really, who hasn’t been worried about money at one point in their life?!). But it needs to stop. Money shouldn’t be such a strain on so many people!

That’s a topic that I want to tackle with you right now.

What would it feel like to YOU to wake up every morning and see $200 of recurring revenue landing in your bank account?

Would that ease some of your financial stress? Would you be able to enjoy life more, going on fun excursions and trips with friends and family? Would an that $6,000 in income each month make a difference to you?

Perhaps you’re thinking to yourself that creating that sort of recurring revenue simply seems impossible right now.

But it’s not! It’s totally doable and people do it all. the. time.

How do I know? Because since starting my blog back in 2010, I’ve created an incredible online business, writing books, releasing podcasts and vlogs, and creating courses, workshops and retreats.

I’ve seen my revenue consistently grow to multiple six figures, while enjoying more and more lifestyle and business freedom! It’s been an amazing dream, and something that I’d love all of you to experience as well.

So as part of my new FREE Video Workshop I’ve released a video training on how to monetize your skills and talents and grow your business.

I show you how to do this with my 1 Page ‘Miracle’ Business Plan, and walk you through the steps within it to help you get a real handle on your goals, objectives and current and future revenue streams that will bring you financial freedom.

I’ll give you plenty of real-life examples of how to add more revenue streams AND show you how quickly they can add up to 6 figures and beyond.

Plus you get to download the template and use it for free!

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Your Mindset Can Set You Free

This is a fantastic time of the year to bringing you Season 5 of the Quest for Freedom Podcast on Mindset Freedom.

Why is that?

Well it’s typically the time when you’re winding down for the holiday season and also planning ahead to think about 2018 and why it’s going to be different.

But it’s not going to be different until you’re prepared to start working on the very thing that can make the most significant difference to your life.

I’m talking about your mindset. That’s because your mindset can set you free.

Mindset is the foundation that freedom in its widest possible sense comes from.

You are the product of your mind. Every thought and belief you have stored inside your mind shapes your experience of life.

Your values and beliefs shape your perception of reality and as a result your ability to achieve anything in life.

I’ve found that over the years, when I am not focusing on a growth mindset, when I’m not actively learning and applying new techniques to grow my mindset, to become more focused, to get rid of those negative thoughts, those comparison game moments, things don’t go quite as well.

And it feels less free in my mind.

For me personally, this year has been a roller coaster in terms of reshaping and reframing my identity from Suitcase Entrepreneur to Natalie Sisson.

I’ve been through a business sabbatical, a complete 180-degree shift and a complete change in what I am doing and how that fits into my meaning in life and my purpose.

For you, you may too also have had quite a full on year, or perhaps you’ve been really focusing in on what it is within your mind that you can strengthen.

Or what it is that you can quiet so that it makes way for more of those thoughts that allow you to be your best possible self and give you freedom in your mind.

We’ve all been there. We’ve had the mind tells us things we don’t really need to hear.

Our mindset can be our best comrade or it can be our worst enemy and so much of that is under our control.

I think about that every single time I’m faced with a big decision or a reaction to something.

Most of the time I’d like to think I’m pretty calm, but I am also a passionate Aries and every so often something will just piss me off and my emotions will well up and I’ll react in an instant.

So I probably need to go back and revisit some of the mindfulness freedom from Season 1, Mind Your Mindfulness and recommend you do too.

Making decisions in the moment of how we think, of how we act, of how we grow, of how we fundamentally believe is all part of having the right mindset.

The Definition of Mindset

The mindset definition varies across different sources according to Dictionary it is “1. an attitude, disposition, or mood.” or “2. an intention or inclination.” and “1. a mental attitude or inclination” or “2. a fixed state of mind”.

Yet none of these actually yield the true meaning and real definition of what it is. So what is the true meaning?

A more accurate definition of mindset is the sum of the way you think.

Mindset is how your values and beliefs shape your thoughts and lead you to be the way you are.

The way you think and feel, the way your thoughts lead you to act and behave causes the results you experience in the world.

If you have thoughts which are negative or limited then you will experience challenges and likely find success and freedom almost impossible to achieve.

If you are into people like Tony Robbins, into personal development and self-help books, you’ll come across a lot of these tactics and tools.

You’ll look into your neuro-linguistic programming, regression timeline and EFT (emotional freedom technique).  I’ve only touched on a few of these myself throughout my life.

There’s other tactics like meditation, mindfulness, transcendental meditation, looking at your chakras and all these exciting things like brain waves and binaural beats.

It’s incredible how much information is out there.

If we come back to the fundamental message here, which is “the way you think and feel, the way your thoughts lead you to act and behave causes the results you experience in the world“, you can start to see pretty quickly that anytime you are having a bad day, it’s most likely because of the way that you are thinking and then acting.

So how can you change state, how can you get yourself out of that to get back on track and into a frame of mind that serves you best?

Sometimes it’s good to be angry, sometimes it’s good to be emotional but if you can channel that into something that really helps you, serve you and helps others then we are talking about reframing and using your mindset for the power of good or even greatness.

And we want to move out of a fixed mindset, negative or a limited mindset into a growth mindset. I have talked about this research from Carol Dweck in Learning with a Growth Mindset.

But what I am most excited about is that I am bringing on a special guest, Osmaan Sharif who is my freedom mindset go-to guy.

I’ve had him attend three of my last freedom mastermind retreats in Bali and Portugal and he honestly has the most amazing set of tools to be able to help people shift their mindsets in minutes.

He is the founder of Rapid Transformation and he can transform people quite rapidly if they are open to it and if they are willing.

We are going to cover off on some really fantastic topics including

  • comparison-itis – how your mindset can be negatively impact with those you look up to
  • could you be attempting to solve the wrong problem when it’s really our mindset needs to be transformed
  • negative stories – what are we telling ourselves and how is that impacting or limiting our beliefs
  • when you are really not in control and that the unconscious mind is and how we can tap into that.

I would love for you to tune in every single time we put out a podcast and that’s going to be every Monday and Thursday from now on.

And if you want to Master Your Mindset in 2018 get details on our new Freedom Lab starting January 2018.

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Behind The Scenes of my Business Sabbatical

Welcome to Season 2 of Natalie Sisson’s Quest for Freedom!

I’m delighted to be back and I know you’ve been missing me…at least 2 people have asked me “Natalie when is your next podcast episode coming out”.

So thank you to the two of you, I appreciate it.

Obviously to talk about a business sabbatical and how you can truly have a profitable business that can technically run without you, you need to experience that in full glory for yourself.

Luckily this podcast is about making me the guinea pig of my own experiments in order for us to uncover what true freedom really is.

Since the 1st of April I’ve been on a business sabbatical and in this episode I reveal all.

Well almost all, I’ll tell you the rest when I’m finished my break from my business. But here’s what I will share:

  • What a business sabbatical actually is (and why you get to define this for yourself)
  • Behind the scenes of what really happens when you take time out from your business

Then I went on to answer some great questions from a fan on my Facebook page that watched my previous video on this topic where I shared the realities of it, and why I was extending my sabbatical for another month (which has now turned into 3).

The only thing I’m bringing back is this podcast because it’s my baby, and it’s helping me to learn and grow realtime by sharing my findings, research and guinea pig experimentations on myself, with YOU.

So for the full lowdown you can watch the video below (here it is on my Facebook page) OR listen to the podcast by clicking the button at the top  OR you can read the full transcript below this video.

“For those of you who have been following The Suitcase Entrepreneur and my Quest for Freedom, you’ll know that I took the entire month of April off my business.

No checking emails, no checking in with the team, no watching anything related to business, not thinking about business and just taking a month off my business, The Suitcase Entrepreneur.

And I then extended it into May, I appreciate it’s May now but I don’t feel like doing Facebook live video to answer your questions it feels like business to me and I love my business so it’s you that I am here for. You guys have helped me build it.

I do think you’ve got to talk about these things in the moment because several months down the track I may actually forget what it really, really physically feels like to be in a sabbatical right now.

Continuing it on through end of June and next week actually I am going to be taking a digital sabbatical so totally offline, off the internet probably for 3 to 5 days. It’s been awhile since I’ve done one and I just want to disconnect.

I’ll be doing some reading, thanks to Brendon Burchard’s The Motivation Manifesto and Tony Robbins Unshakeable, so these are a couple of the things that I’ll be focusing on. I also got some novels.

And I just want to chill out by the fire, play with my puppy, exercise, read books and think. I want to practice the piano and I want to enjoy myself which I already have been doing. Just do more of that.

But today I wanted to answer specifically questions that you guys had from the reality of a business sabbatical where I took you behind the scenes.

The first month off was kind of weird.

I was one moving into a beautiful new dream lifestyle property, getting a puppy, getting 5 chickens, setting up an entire house because when you’ve lived out of the suitcase for close to 7 years you don’t really have much stuff.


Never forget to add play into your day. #choosefreedom

A post shared by Natalie Sisson (@nataliesisson) on

And I realized that I still hadn’t fully given myself the time out to just enjoy and re-energize and get my verve and my mojo back for everything that I love to do.

And the great news is it’s starting to happen so I’ve given myself more space, more time.

I can’t ever fully stop. So I’ve been reaching out to networks where I now live and looking at potentially helping getting a co-working space setup which would be so awesome because I’ve used so many of them over the years as a digital nomad.

And I’ve just been connecting with more and more people especially women entrepreneurs, getting to know the area and of course, dreaming up lots of visions and ideas for what I would just love to do in the near future.

Not only related to my books that are coming out but also making my Freedom Plan program best ever and just a bunch of other things that I’ve been wanting to work on for so long and now I have the headspace to think about them. So that’s one of the huge benefits of a business sabbatical – headspace.

But I wanted to answer some questions from Angela Fitradi who posted after my Facebook live a couple of weeks ago, she said,

“I’d love to know how the business runs without you? How often you check in? When you check in? What do you focus on? And how to know what to focus on and what can be managed without your attention?”

So the business runs without me because as I’ve been probably like blasting from the rooftops for the last couple of years.

You need to have sexy systems in place, freedom systems is really what I am talking about and ultimately at the end of the day there is a fantastic website that people can navigate to once they’re there, a fantastic sales funnel that takes them on a journey to show them exactly what content they can consume, that they should sign up to receive more email updates from you and what programs and products that you have to offer them that would be really beneficial.

Now I will absolutely say the business has kind of plateaued and even declined a little because I am a huge believer that energy in vs energy out applies to everything you do in life.

So if you are putting energy into your health and fitness, it’s going to pay off if you are doing it right. If you are putting tons of energy into your business and into the right areas as Jeff Walker was saying the other day in his video.

You’ve got to strategize and prioritize into the right areas not just throwing yourself at everything. But if you are putting the energy into your business in the right places, it will grow. So naturally when you take a step back from it you will find it doesn’t as much.

So I would say a fantastic website or place that people can land on whether it’s landing pages, sales pages, a great sales funnel really helps so all those things are automated.

And outside of that some key team members, definitely starting with a virtual assistant who can do your customer service, check your emails for you, answer on your behalf and to answer your question more candidly, Angela, anything that Angeline can answer, my awesome assistant.

We have some template canned responses and the things that are more important like somebody not being able to access the program or something not working, Angeline knows my business. She’s been with me for almost 3 years now, in a part-time capacity and so she knows often where the resources are or how to help those people.

That’s been hugely helpful and I have a small team around the world and most of them right now are kind of on a break from me as well. But if we do need to communicate, we do it typically through Slack. I am doing my best to not login to email at all but essentially Slack is a place where we can just communicate briefly.

And they all have their team objectives that they’ve been working on. Our marketing and editorial calendar, we know what’s coming out, we know what’s working and we apparently been reviewing that. I ask my team especially Debashish to review that while I was off on my break and come back to me with some recommendations so that when I am back we can change strategies or direction.

So how often do I check in?

For the first month, I didn’t want to be contacted at all. Typically I’d say if you are going on a sabbatical, the point is to be off but once a month is probably more than enough or if you feel that’s a little too infrequent or you really want to know things then probably every week and just make it a short check in and make sure you know what you are asking for.

Your other question was, how do you know what to focus on and what can be managed without your attention?

Most stuff can be managed without my attention. It’s only when I am creating new content or launching something that really all my attention needs to be on that and I need to be driving my team. But outside of that I’ve worked very hard over the years to set up Sexy Operating Procedures (SOP) and some really great strategies and direction for my team to be empowered to do their things and to do them really well.

So right now, I am focusing on my own learning and my own growth and understanding different areas that maybe I just haven’t put aside at the time to actually delve into so I am doing several online courses myself around science of happiness, around health and nutrition. I am learning or I will be learning when I am off my sabbatical around e-commerce and getting up to speed more on social media.

And I think most things don’t need to be managed by you. So the best thing would probably be partnerships and key relations. But even those have been really well managed by my team because they know that I’ve dealt with these people for years they can often answer their questions that those partners would like to ask me. But I think it’s nurturing those relationships that’s the key stuff that you still do want to focus on.

And the next part of your question, have there been any situations where your absence has created a situation and has your business income and finances has been affected by your absence?

On the second part, absolutely as I said energy in vs energy out. But I’ve been pleasantly surprised that it’s been earning really really well over the last couple of months without me there so that proves I don’t always need to be there.

And to answer your question about has my absence created a situation? I think it has probably provided relief to my team. They are probably enjoying the break from Natalieville to be really honest you know.

I think there have been no situations that have arisen. I wasn’t expecting anything major we had pretty much planned out a year ahead so I don’t expect any hurdles or anything major that would come up and so therefore no situations.

The only situation caused by you not being in your business for awhile would be a lack of clarity around expectations, priorities, objectives and milestones while you are not there.

  • Who to contact?
  • Who to reach out to?
  • How to move forward on projects if you are not the person who’s absolutely able to drive them like you normally would be.

So those are the sort of things that you probably want to think about.

I hope that’s given you guys some insight and I just wanted to pop in and say hello to my beautiful freedomist community and give you some understanding behind what a business sabbatical is.

You can make it whatever you want really but the point is to take time out from your business to get the creative juices flowing and to really just actually come back to your roots and focus on what you loved about your business in the first place and that has been so enlightening for me so far. “

Stay tuned for the next episode of Season 2 where I talk with other entrepreneurs about burnout and their business sabbaticals like Jason Van Orden:

“Eventually I had to stop and ask myself why there was that waning in motivation. I’m sure partly I was maybe scared a little bit to look at that but what does it mean? What if I ended up figuring out I’ve got the wrong business or that I am done with this business.”

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Is Freedom Really Free?

For the longest time I’ve been obsessed with freedom. Freedom is my main mission in life, or has been for the greater part of the 7 years.

But recently, I’ve been realizing that my hunt for understanding, defining and having freedom may be completely off track.

And that’s a huge revelation to have when you’ve named your new podcast Quest for Freedom, and you think you have all the freedom in the world right?

Several weeks ago I saw my friend Conni Biesalski post an update on Facebook about attending Tony Robbin’s Date with Destiny.

Conni is the Founder of Planetbackpack, has written a book, is a bit of a YouTube star and believes in…

  • holistic lifestyle design
  • slow travel as a spiritual experience
  • connecting with our bodies and souls through healthy clean eating, meditation and yoga
  • opening our hearts through healing and connecting to ourselves

So on her Facebook update she wrote:

Life will never be the same again. 6 days with Tony Robbins in Florida and I feel like the greatest transformation of my life just happened. So powerful, so deep, so incredibly healing. I have finally let go of my story and am starting a new one. Amazing miracles happened in these days, things I never thought possible. Everything feels wide open, just like in this photo that I took on the beach on the last morning. Infinite gratitude and love in my heart. This is Life 2.0.

Now incidentally, at the start of this year I decided to invest in myself for the first time in a loooongg time and take up a Mastery Program through the Tony Robbins Institute.

I’m heading to Unleash the Power event in London at the end of April. If you want to join me there are still tickets. Head to nataliesisson.com/tony and grab one.

If you don’t know who he is, in a nutshell he’s the Worlds No #1 Personal Development Master who’s worked with presidents, Oprah Winfrey. His documentary “I am not your Guru” is a great insight into how he works.

I first read his book Awaken the Giant Within back in 2004 when I was training for body-sculpting competition, and that year, in big part thanks to reading his books and listening to his audio series, I had one of the most amazing years of my life.

I felt like I could achieve anything I put my mind to. And that year in particular I did – I won the Regional North Island Body Sculpting Championships, I got a kick ass job, and I completed my Certificate in Fitness Management Diploma extramurally through Otago University.

I was unstoppable, and aside from neglecting my personal relationship with my then boyfriend…ooops, everything else in life was going amazing.

So back to my Facebook chat with Conni mid December, which went like this:

Me: Well that answers my question to what did you get out of it. Sending a big virtual hug of Freedom  your way to go with your transformation

Conni: You know what’s funny.. freedom was always so high on my values list.. in the process of DwD I kicked freedom off my list. After having questioned it and looked at what it costs me, I realised this intense strive for it has out-served me. I now feel freer than ever not having freedom as my main driver anymore. Crazy!!

Natalie:  Oooh I think I’ll need to jump on a chat with you about that for my new podcast starting in the new year:

And so we did. And here it is.

Yup, it was this epiphany during “Date with Destiny” with Tony Robbins in December and he was talking about freedom and how he one day started to question his quest for freedom that he was following his whole life and he was telling this long story.

In the end it was…..he said that once he questioned his search for freedom, it was that he realized that he can stop looking for freedom and feel a lot freer.

I thought about this for days and weeks after that and then eventually it hit me.

I was like, “Wow!”. I’ve been looking for freedom, I’ve been searching for freedom my entire life. It’s been my main mission with whatever I do, wherever I go.

It’s always like how much freedom will this give me? How much freedom will I have? It dictated the way I do business. It dictated my travels. It dictated my personal life and my relationships.

It was always about freedom, freedom, freedom.

And then I realized actually by constantly being on this path to freedom, it’s like judging everything by how much freedom it would give me and them I’m actually free.

I kind of trapped myself into thinking that by constantly striving for freedom, that that would make me free and so then I had this epiphany and I realized, “Wow I can let it go”.

Now when Connie said this I was nodding my head in fervent agreement. I realized I’d come to exactly the same conclusion. If I’m constantly pursuing freedom, in some ways I’m a slave to it….how’s that for a mindbending thought?

What she said next though blew me away.

I can actually, because with “Date of Destiny”, what you do is you come up with a list of values in your life that are really important to you and then you kind of revise them and go through the whole six day process so then at the end you come up with a new list of values.

And it’s kind of like a new blueprint. You can upgrade your entire inner system.

Freedom was obviously number one, next to love, and all these things on my first value list. And then at the end, freedom was not on my list anymore!

It wasn’t needed anymore, and that was for me so huge because I could kind of let that go and realize I am so free, like the life that I have it’s already so free.

I don’t need to measure freedom anymore, I can stop it.

Like I can do whatever I want, I’ve achieved so many things and so on the outside, I’ve completely achieved freedom.

And then obviously there’s this other level of freedom and that was another tough process and integration process and it was the comparison between outer freedom and inner freedom.

And so I realized, “Wow, I’ve got all this outer freedom, there’s no need to keep on striving for that, no one can take that away from me.

But how free am I on the inside?”.

And this is a great question. In fact this is at the core of The Quest for Freedom Podcast, and Season 1 as I come to grips with what IS personal freedom really?

Let me know what you think about this. What your version of freedom is? Whether you think real freedom is all about inner freedom.

What Connie goes on to say next may resonate with you too. Especially if you’ve ever been in a place like her.  I know I have and I speak to that too.

So this has become my message with what I do really, what is the essence of freedom and how can we go beyond the outer freedom of lifestyle design, doing what we want, and having passive income?

And then going to the next level of, “Okay, maybe I have a lot of shadow work to do to kind of free myself.”

And then to actually be able to enjoy the outer freedom in the first place because I realized after like a year ago, even I was at a very depressed place in my life.

I was doing really bad, like emotionally in all levels. It was one of those times where you kind of question everything. And you don’t see a purpose for yourself in life, like I didn’t have a mission anymore and everything was going well on the outside but on the inside I was super unhappy.

I was depressed. I couldn’t appreciate anything I had.

I was sitting in Bali in this amazing villa with pool and you know, life could not have been better on the outside but on the inside it was a trainwreck. So yes that was the next level and then for me to now realize, “Okay, wow!” So there is this whole freedom thing, it’s way more than we might initially think it is.


So what Conni said next I could absolutely resonate with as it’s something I’ve been recognizing in myself.

In all these years of traveling the world and wanting to be free, I’ve shied away from locking in full on plans, or committing too far out, or saying I’ll definitely turn up to a place, or even to interviews and appointments.

Now, if there’s one person who knows me well, I’d like to think it’s myself, and that behaviour, that’s just not really me.

Don’t get me wrong I fully commit to the projects I take on and and my peeps – for example the Write the Damn Book Freedom Lab I’m running, I turn up to every single live session we do multiple times a week to write our damn books and deliver on my promise of the expert interviews and lessons.

But anything that’s not driven or led by me I’ve been shying away from over the years.

In part I know that’s because I’ve had to take a step back and reserve my time and energy to make sure I can give it to the right people – my family, friends and community.

But some of this lack of desire to commit has definitely affected how I live, and my approach to relationships. Here’s what Conni had to say:

Yeah, it’s funny so I can commit to things now a lot more. I feel like I can make plans better. I don’t feel pressured, because usually before I would really shy away from making plans, people putting me down in a certain date to do something even if it was only a few weeks away and that was a real issue.

And I realized that if I don’t commit to things in life, then how can I attract people like that..

Because that’s been my issue. I would attract people that also can’t commit and that would make my life very difficult in relationships, in friendships and you know, all these areas.

And so I realized if I can’t commit how am I ever going to attract more reliable people into my life. So anyway, I just realized that I can actually, I can commit to plans and I feel comfortable doing so.

It’s kind of nice. It also like, right now, I am in a place for three months and I feel awesome. I really don’t feel like moving around much right now.

I have a daily routine. I have a wonderful life in California. I am just really enjoying being creative and being in one place.

I don’t have this urge to keep moving and keep moving, I feel like I’m such a inner peaceful place with myself at the moment that there’s no need to change that or to distract myself or to kind of not feel something.

Because a lot of times I would travel or I would do all these crazy things because I would then want to feel something and so I went out and I don’t know, bought the next plane ticket or I went out, whatever you do, or you look for love maybe in the wrong places and so because you know, there is something we don’t want to feel.

So I am in a point where I really have much better access to my own feelings, into what is going on inside of me.

I have a very regular meditation practice now, way more now especially since Tony Robbins just because I realized how important it is to check in with my feelings everyday and to gauge where I am at.

PS I covered off on meditation and even included a mini one in this Season’s second episode called Mind Your Mindfulness.

Back to Conni:

And generally I mean if I look back to now about a year ago, or a bit longer, and then where I am today it’s really like back then I was doing the 4-hour Workweek.

I was doing surfing all day, going to yoga and reading, and hanging out with people and literally just like doing the 4 hour thing and barely sitting at my laptop, barely doing anything, not being creative, not creating anything really.

It was all, business was automated and so after awhile I just realized and I was getting depressed and I also realized eventually,

“Wow I am not contributing to this world. I am not growing. I am not giving people anything. I am not helping people.”

It was like this spiral downwards and I realized just how important it is to really have something in life where you feel like you are contributing and changing the world, I think that’s kind of what I need maybe.

And so now everyday I wake up in the morning, I can’t wait to get out of bed and start creating or learn stuff. There’s so much enthusiasm and ambition there and mostly because I found things and ways to contribute again and to help other people and inspire other people and that in its health is a well of fulfillment.

Thanks Conni, for providing such a beautiful segway into exactly how I’ve been feeling lately too.

And by lately, if I’m really honest about it, I mean for the last 18 months.

I was reading a blog post I’d written called ‘Why my 9 day digital sabbatical in Samoa transformed my life’.  I did this trip with my Dad in October 2014 and it was magical.

Yet as I read back over this post, for research for my upcoming book, I took note that I talk about falling a little out of love with my business, and not feeling as if the work I’m doing is as meaningful as it could be.

I was frankly surprised I wrote this back then. And that I’ve been talking about it since then. And that in September 2016 I finally said “That’s it. I’m going to take a break from my business. And that that is finally happening this April 2017.

I mean, that’s a lot of talking about it and not doing right? Which is kind of my jam. I’m an action taker. Normally I just DO.

So clearly this has been a long-time coming decision to make and act upon.

And I guess giving up on everything you’ve worked so hard for, to take a short break, isn’t a decision to be taken so lightly.

But for the last two weeks my decision has been well and truly validated by two amazing events I attended.

New Frontiers and the Enspiral Summerfest where I met some of the smartest, most innovative, world changing changemakers from around the world.

My mind was expanded upon belief. My heart was filled with passion and joy for which of these areas I could throw myself into and how I could help to be part of the change and the solution.

Here’s just a sneak peek into what I’ll share with you in the next episode, and a glimpse into the kind of speakers I heard from and met.  This is Dr Catlin Powers, co-founder and CEO of One Earth Designs, which she has led from its humble beginnings in the Himalayas to reach customers on six continents.….


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