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How to get your business to 5-figure months


Free live masterclass for women entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants and service providers.

Female Your Business: A Self-Defining Revenue Masterclass For Powerful Women

Thursday January 15th at 8pm GMT

What you’ll discover in this 60 minute training:

  • Free 30 minute training on the 5 proven ways to make 5 figures a month that you likely aren’t doing yourself, but totally should be!
  • All you need to know about the $10K Club- our exclusive membership program that gets you to consistent 10K months!

  • Success stories from a few or our $10K Club members on how they are getting their businesses to 5-figure months and how you can too.

Hi. I'm Natalie Sisson, your Biz Bestie and Cheerleader!

Over the years I’ve met so many amazing women entrepreneurs, who thought their business would look totally different to what it does right now. 

They imagined things would be easier, their monthly income would be more consistent and dependable, they’d be working less hours and only working on the things they love most. BELIEF. And that is a damn shame.

So, here’s an idea. What if you just jumped? Belief or no belief. What if you decide today that you’re going to try something different? Take action.

This is exactly what I did back in 2009 when I started my business, from scratch, with pure belief and determination, and built my multiple six-figure coaching and education and business, that lets me impact lives and experience more joy and freedom than I ever imagined, in just 20-25 hours a week

I want to show you how to achieve that on your own terms in the next 3-6 months.

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