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Learn how to tap into your potential and create more income and impact through expert interviews, inspiring case studies and real-time coaching with Natalie Sisson

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Great interviews, fantastic resources

By Cat BabaYaga

I can’t get enough of Natalie’s podcast - is there a better term that binge-listen? Because that’s what I’ve been doing all week. She does great interviews with really interesting people. They are informative, uplifting, and inspiring. And she goes the extra resources to download afterward which helps synthesise the information. Thanks Natalie!

What an awesome find!

By Finding Staci

Loving this podcast - short, precise and REAL! Natalie is authentic, easy to listen and it’s a bit freaky that every episode contains a message totally appropriate to me… it’s almost like she’s talking only to me. :)

Are you tapping into your full potential and turning it into the income and impact you desire?

Those are the big questions I seek to answer on the UNTAPPED show - a podcast for go-getting humans who want to learn how to make money simply by being them, build multiple revenue streams and live life on your own terms!

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Eps 140: In Business, Change is Vital
EPS 139: Say NAY to the Naysayers
Eps 138: How to Invest in Cryptocurrency with Ayelen Osorio
Eps 137: How to Make Money on Youtube with Andrew Hubbard
Eps 136: How to Legally Protect Your Business with Sarah Waldbuesser, Esq
Eps 135: Learn With Less, And Disrupt An Industry With Ayelet Marinovich

What my Listeners have to say:

Get Paid To Be You

By Parnell Lady

I’ve known Natalie Sisson for 7+ years and she has consistently shared her amazing knowledge of how to start and grow an impactful and successful online business for the whole time I have known her. She has also generously shared her personal journey - what has worked and what hasn’t in such a way that makes me feel comfortable about my own human frailties in business. Whether that is fear of success, imposter syndrome or so many other normal feelings. Natalie is completely genuine and authentic and that is a breath of fresh air. I listen to podcasts to be inspired and to learn in business and this podcast nails those objectives in a very relatable manner for me. Natalie has repeated and proven success as an entrepreneur and I highly recommend you subscribe and listen to this show.

Her words penetrate my heart and brain!

By Best Tzofia from Tel Aviv

Even though we live in different places, with different backgrounds. Somehow her words and messages penetrate my heart and brain.

With her experience and knowledge, I feel a great contribution to proceed in a creative life, and fight for success.

Thanks and many more inspiring letters to Nat from all of us.

Exceptional Work

By Antreas1 from Great Britain

Keep up the amazing work Natalie.


By Ima Listener from US

Highly recommend the listen! Natalie is an awesome host and wealth of knowledge!


By Rachel Ann Harding

Hello Natalie,

Congratulations on reaching your 100th episode! Thank you for your intrepid spirit, working to make the world a better place, and hustling the heck out of life!

Incredible conversations and great take away

By 2legitheuett

I just want to let you know I’m bingeing on your podcast right now and the latest episodes are just so freaking good! I love them so much. That launch one was really really good and I’m about halfway through Mia Hewitt’s episode, but just so good. I’m loving it, just saying! I’m just so into it right now and sometimes people do not get the praise that they deserve. So if anybody hasn’t told you lately or today, that your podcast is awesome. I will gladly be the person to tell you that it is. I got so much valuable information to take away and execute straight away in my biz. Thank you!

She’s a great role model!

By Robin Finney

Natalie has been such a great role model in showing me that it’s possible to live the remote, nomad life and have a thriving business. She’s so encouraging, down to earth, and genuine.

So many wonderful gems

By rosearoma from Austalia

I love listening to this podcast each week and always pick up such fabulous tips and strategies that I can use in my own business. Natalie has a wealth of knowledge which always inspires me in the various areas of entrepreneurship.

Meet your host,

Natalie Sisson

Hi, I’m Natalie Sisson, entrepreneur, author, speak, dog lover and handstand fan who believes we are all capable of so much more, when we recognise and use our immense human potential.

In this show, I reveal all my online business strategies that have helped me turn a blog into a multiple six-figure education and coaching business since 2010, while traveling the world, living out of a suitcase.

Discover my tried and proven methods for making an income simply by being you, how to market yourself online in a way that feels ethical and totally real, build a thriving online and business and do it all while developing a killer mindset and a rocking lifestyle. Nuff said!

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