Hit Consistent $10k months and 10x your growth.

It's you to the power of 10



REAL Problem

Let me guess, what you thought your business would look like by now is completely different from reality, right?

You know you have what it takes, and you know where you add value to your clients' lives, but it's not converting into consistent sales.

The things you really want to work on, that you know will make a huge difference, are relegated to second place as you prioritise urgent work.

Self-doubt, procrastination and perfectionism are crushing your best-laid plans before they even have a chance to get off the ground. 

You’re caught between desperately wanting to realise your vision and being too afraid to start.

So, here's an idea. What if you just jumped? What if you decide today that you're going to try something different?

Take. Action.


$10K Club solution

You've come to a very special place.

The $10K Club is a unique combination of mastery, moaching and mentoring, designed to get you earning $10,000 a month in your business and 10X growth in you!

The whole purpose of this Club is to turn your time into income, your income into impact, and your life into a big ball of freedom and joy.

When you join the $10K Club, you get:

Direct access to coaches

#1 Direct access to Natalie and her resident coaches to help you create your plan and path to $10K income months, whether in your business, or your career and side hustle.

10x Program

#2. Immediate access to 10X the foundational 3-part programme that shows you the exact path to building a business that you love, that pays you what you're worth and lets you make the impact you desire.

Massive Accountability

#3. Massive accountability from my team and your fellow Queens (Club members). That way you get the shit done that actually grows you and your business, and cut out the rest of the time-wasting activities. We got ya!


#4 Twice Monthly Group Moaching Calls (60 minutes of laser-focused coaching and mentoring) that helps you get unstuck, get out of your way and into a mindset of abundance, in two time zones so you can always attend. That's just the start!

Julia Capon

“Realised last week that my team and I had exceeded the quarter revenue target I set at the start of April ($45k) with an extra week to spare! Team work = dream work.”

Julia Capon

The truth is...


Now you just need BELIEF. ANd a kickass group of women to help you rise.

Amanda Workman - 10k Testimonial FB


We’re looking for a very special kind of woman, and you could be it! What we want:

  • Your time is money, you want to protect it against all odds, and use it wisely to turn your dreams into reality.
  • You run a coaching, consulting or service-based business, or you're freelancing, side-hustling and working your way towards your dreams . You’re not here to play small. You’re ready to level up, earn what you’re worth and do this with grace, ease and fun.
  • You want it all (and why the hell not?): meaningful work, dream clients, freedom and flexibility in your schedule. And serious moolah too.
  • You’re looking for a membership hyper-focused on one thing - you earning $10K a month and beyond (even if you're just at $1K right now) - and the impact that will have in your life.
  • You’re committed to finally make some changes, so that in 6-12 months from now you’re the Queen CEO of your beautiful business and your life.
  • You want to give more time and money to causes you care about, so that you can create more impact during your time here on earth.
  • You’d love to 2X or 3X your income, at least, within the next 3-6 months, and have a multiple six-figure business in a year.
  • You want to hang out with a group of amazing Queens who are giving, inclusive, diverse, supportive, motivating, all about equity, and who celebrate you!
  • You’re coachable, and ready to start making changes - no procrastinating, no hiding.
  • *You loved Sleepless in Seattle in the ‘90s enough to get the MFEO reference. But you’re a woman of the 2020s, who’s ready to meet her damn SELF on the top of the Empire State Building.

If this sounds like you, you are IN! We can’t wait to meet you!

Emma Back

"I just pre-registered a dream client into my new $7000 6-month program that's not launching officially until July!!"

Emma Back


You have all the foundations in place - your vision for your business and life is crystal clear and it excites you so much your brain might explode!

You know who your ideal red-carpet client is and have a magnetic message just for them they can’t resist.

You have built an incredible platform and have a high-converting sales funnel that continuously scales. You finally FEEL like the CEO of your business.

You consistently have $10K+ months, and have more than enough abundance to invest in yourself, your team, your loved ones, in things that matter, and your business.

You have a profitable business that generates income on autopilot. It doesn't 100% rely on you, and you get to work on what you love doing, not all the things.

You wake up whenever you damn well please, knowing that you’re financially free to make choices for the day that suit you, not your clients.

You travel and adventure whenever you want, because you’ve finally got a business model that doesn’t rely on you, and you alone.

You impact thousands of people around the globe through your work and you get to donate to your favourite causes every month. 

You have so much joy and confidence in your life and are making a real difference in peoples’ lives.

You have beautiful dreams. I have dreamy strategies. Boom. Magic.

Welcome to the 10k Club

Welcome to the

$10K Club

My Mission is to empower 1,000 women to earn $10,000 a month and contribute at least 1% of their revenue each month to a cause or charity dear to their heart, that creates a ripple effect of women helping women to rise up and lead powerful and fulfilling lives.

Since June 2020, the $10K Club Queens have achieved this result!!


Collective Income

Earned As A Club


Donations Made

As A Club

The $10K Club be taking over the damn world!

We've got over 30 members from 15 different countries in the Club so far. It's been my best kept secret until now....

We know our 10X programme works, that the Moaching changes lives, that the accountability and access to immediate answers to your questions are what sets us apart.

And that these women, my Queens, are getting real RESULTS, every-freaking day. 

So, it's time to share this amazing-ness and let you in to experience it for yourself.  

And you know what? You deserve it. Your future you deserves it. So, let's help a sister out (that's you). Let's help her NOW. Not tomorrow. Not next month. Now.

Now, I hear you, sitting on the other side of that laptop, saying, “OMG, Nat! This sounds pretty unbelievable (too unbelievable?). But how the heck does it work?  

You start with 10X

This foundational course (valued at $1,000) is built on three very important foundational pillars designed to get you thinking and acting like a six-figure CEO.

Pillar 1: focus

1 FOCUS 1.1 Mockup
  • Lesson 1: The one thing you need to connect with in order to scale to $10K and beyond!
1 FOCUS 1.2 Mockup
  • Lesson 2: Designing a mission that gives you purpose and propels you into work that lights you up!
1 FOCUS 1.3 MockUp
  • Lesson 3: What your unfair advantage is as a business owner + how you can stand out simply by being YOU

Pillar 2: action

2 ACTION 2.1 Mockup
  • Lesson 4: How to use messaging that converts into sales, AKA magnetise people who are ready to buy from you!
2 ACTION 2.2
  • Lesson 5: Learn how to speak directly to your dream clients, in a way that has them jumping over to your "buy now" button!
2 ACTION 2.3 Mockup
  • Lesson 6: Your Powerful Platform - where and how you should be showing up online

pillar 3: income

3 INCOME 3.1 Mockup
  • Lesson 7: Nail Your Profitable Offers and Diversify your Income Streams 
3 INCOME 3.2 Mockup
  • Lesson 8: How to create a funnel that takes your customer on a journey to their solution (and takes you to $10K months)
3 INCOME 3.3 Mockup
  • Lesson 9: Automate your business so you can enjoy financial freedom and time freedom! Learn how to build a dream team and create automation that scales your business beyond your wildest imagination!

These 9 lessons = freedom

And, yes. There’s more. (Obvs! You’re a Queen)


(...yet it's a legit word!)

What is moaching?! I'm so glad you asked...

Coaches ask you powerful questions that allow you to uncover solutions at rapid speed. This empowers you to create lasting transformation from within.

Mentors tell you the answers you need so you can get to work! AKA: Learn from the people who already made the mistakes how to get to where you want to go faster!

Moaching = Coaching + Mentoring

With me and my monthly guest coaches you get both! A combination of these two methods that will pull the best out of you!

That's a lethal combination in all the right ways!

My team and I have worked with hundreds of moaching clients since 2011 to develop their confidence and mindset, their business model and offers, their habits and rituals for a life they love.

The first call of the month is half moaching and half peer-to-peer mentoring, where our highly curated club of awesome women will all be able to offer their own sage advice, wisdom, business experience and strategies they’ve used for the problem you’re facing.

Our second call of the month is a high energy, intimate and laser focused 60 minute Moaching Call - in two different time zones so you can always attend live.

Both calls happen twice, in two different time zones so you're covered! Or you can attend all four calls.

You’ll soon see we all struggle with the same things, and that there’s pure power in having smart minds focused on helping you get out of your own way and stepping into your greatness.

And finally:

monthly focus

Because focus gets results.

Every single week I go live in our Facebook group and I share the focus for the week.

On top of that, you get a masterclass or a mini-training giving you the most beneficial focus to help you grow you and your income over the next 30-60 days. This is all about ensuring you take action that gets you results you want, without the overwhelm. 

Nail your sales funnel, launch your profitable offer, raise your prices, develop an unstoppable mindset. 


You get these online courses, valued at $1,363, the moment you join THE $10K CLUB

US$1000 in value

10X is my foundational 3 Pillar course designed to take you to $10K months and beyond. 

You’ll take this course in the first 30 days to set up the foundation for your thriving business and it will set you on a path for success!

$10K Club Expert masterclassess Mock Up

US$397 in value

Take control of your income and impact with our expert Masterclasses like:

  • How to Charge What You're Worth
  • How to Put the Fun Back In Funnels
  • How to Fire Yourself and Hire Your Dream Team

US$69 in value

Turn your dreams into reality by mapping out your daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly goals with my tool and course, designed to hold you accountable and taking action like a boss!



The Membership Directory is a simple hub for you to connect with fellow Queens of the $10K Club, both personally and professionally! Make connections, do biz with each other, buddy up for accountability.

As your business grows, you can't possibly do all your amazing work by yourself. We've got you covered with our vetted list of freelancers ready for you to hire to build your dream team right now. This Freelancer Directory is GOLD.

The handy Daily Income Tracker will show you whether you're on track to hit $10K months. It will open your eyes to exactly where your money is coming from, gaps in your month you need to plug, and leave you inspired to develop recurring revenue streams!

Training Vault

Inside the Training Vault, you get access to punchy 30-minute sessions that are jam-packed with value. Get top tips for nailing your systems + operations, tech + tools, copywriting + emails, content + list building, so you can scale your biz like a BOSS.


"It's been life-changing for me, really"

"The $10K Club is freaking awesome!"

"The group of women in the Club are phenomenal"

"The $10K Club is a brilliant combination of both coaching and a mastermind"

It doesn't stop there though.

As people who work with me know, I’m also adept at the art of ‘gentle ass-kicking’ and accountability.

According to Gretchen Rubin's Four Tendencies test, I’m an Upholder. This is good news for you.

This means I have excellent internal and external accountability and will hold myself, and you, highly accountable.

My team and I are your new accountability BFFs when it comes to you following through on what you said you would, when you don’t think you can, or you simply lack the intention, focus or willpower.

Every week I go live in our Facebook Group to share with you and my Queens, the focus for the week, some inspiration, and what they can expect.

It’s fresh, it’s fun, it’s personal and it keeps you motivated and on track to achieve your own dreams.


Yeah, I had the same question about two years into my business too.

From the outside I looked like I had it all figured out. I had a growing community that was super-engaged with my work as the Suitcase Entrepreneur.

My digital product offerings were striking a chord and bringing in decent revenue and my email list was consistently converting readers into customers.

Yet every month felt like I had to hustle to make bank. Like I had to work even harder than the last month, in order to grow.

By year three, I had figured out a better business plan, hired a few folks and got more strategic about my systems, but it was still a lot of hard work, for not a lot of money.

Enter year 4: Things started to shift. I'd invested a ton of time, blood, sweat and tears (no, for real), into learning about how a profitable online business actually works.

Most importantly I’d spent years nurturing and serving my community and I knew them inside and out.

And I can help you do the same.

So, what did I do?


That turned out to be my first $250,000 year in business

This was a surreal, but monumental moment for me, as I realised I had done what I'd set out to do: Build a multiple six-figure business around my ideal lifestyle and doing work I loved.

And here's the truth: The only thing stopping me from doing that in a shorter time frame was ME.
I did not believe that I was capable of building and scaling a business from scratch.

I sabotaged myself in the first few years by not going all in. By not focusing on the revenue-generating activities, by prioritising all the other stuff.

does this ring a bell for you too?

Deep down....

  • Do you know that you are consistently putting off doing the work that matters, because 'shock horror' what if you did, and it actually worked?
  • Do you ignore your monthly business plan or goals, because what if it actually worked and your business took off, earning you consistent four and five figure months?
  • Do you know that you don't actually have a clear business model in place, so you don't track any of your activities to know what's working?
  • Do you ignore what's working in your business, so that you can spend the majority of your time doing the things you enjoy, because that instant gratification makes you feel good...for a moment?
  • Do you believe that if you just work long and hard enough, and repeat daily mantras and affirmations to yourself, that you will one day succeed?

If you're nodding your head, I see you and I feel you. I've been there too.
So I've gone ahead and designed the answer to all your problems (no seriously, the $10K Club is my proudest solution to date), to help you create the highly profitable, impactful business of your dreams.

Show Me The Money!

and the club benefits

You got it sister!

This $10K Club is all about directing your time, attention and energy to your most important priorities in 90 day chunks.

That way, you stay focused on what really matters, until you’re making some serious progress, gaining momentum and making bank, baby!

If you wish your life and business was just a little easier in any of the areas to the right...

Did someone say BENNie-Licious?

10X - The Foundational Course

This is your roadmap to $10K and beyond! Think of it like a rinse and repeat cycle:

You get immediate access to this $1000 value course, when you join. With 9 amazing lessons in total, and workbooks that will form the basis of your $10K business, mindset and lifestyle, it’s life-changing!

Weekly Live Accountability:

Focus brings results. Every week I go live in our group to give you a focus for the week, some inspiration, and what you can expect.

It’s fresh, it’s fun, it’s personal and it keeps you motivated and on track to achieve your own dreams.

Even when you don’t think you can, or you simply lack the intention, focus or willpower.

Twice Monthly Moaching Calls:

Group Coaching meets mentoring to create lasting transformation for you over 60 minutes. You can apply for one of four 10 minute hot seat spots, where our resident coaches will personally laser-coach you.

There are TWO calls on one day so that you can attend the one in a timezone perfect for you (or attend both if it suits), twice a month.

Access to me and my team:

In order to scale to $10K and beyond you can't be a one-woman show.  So not only do you get access to me, but also my team!

This includes Tech Training Calls with my Online Business Manager and training and feedback calls with my copywriter. Plus access to our systems, checklists, swipe files and tools.

Club HQ (aka Facebook Group):

"If you want to go fast, go alone; but if you want to go far, go together." This is a space for queens! This group is full of powerhouse women, several of whom are also creating consistent $10K months and are ready to cheer you on along the way!

I mean just check out the energy in this space...

Expert Workshop or Training:

Every 60 days, we will dive deep on specific topics like pricing, marketing, launches, the profit-first model, peak performance - all designed to inspire and motivate you, and also have you taking action and implementing real-time. I'll bring in the best of the best guest experts, or deliver the training myself. We got you!

Quarterly rewards + prizes for top 3 members

I love celebrating my Queens, especially those who are smashing their 90-day action plans and inspiring others to go for it! We reward you with prizes like a 1-to-1 moaching session with Natalie, an interview on her podcast, a donation to your charity of choice or a really cool surprise gift.

I've just filled in the income tracker and I have smashed my target, and closing in on $10K a month. The $10K Club has made me focus on my own business, rather than just on my clients. After working through the assignments in the Club, I now have a clear understanding of what I want, both personally and for my business, my why and how I help people. The support from the other Queens in the Facebook Group is fabulous and I love that Natalie is holding us accountable!

kim morrison

I'm on day 2 of my 5-day challenge as part of my 90 day course launch. There are 38 women registered. The ratio of engagement and participation is off-the-charts!

The $10K Club is exactly what I needed! The 3-pillar framework has helped me clarify what I need to work on and is something I know I'll keep coming back to as I grow. I love Natalie’s laser-focused coaching on the hot seats and always feel I walk away from moaching calls 10x more clear on actions to take, even when I'm NOT on the hot seat!

I also love our facebook group, the community of Queens, the support I receive and being inspired by the wins of other Queens! I've been using it as an accountability structure and it's helping me to focus more on my accomplishments, instead of what is not working or what I want to do next.

I am much more aware of money coming in (and going out) with the income tracker and have smashed every revenue goal since joining the club! I am finally in a place financially where I feel like I can relax, knowing my bills will be paid and that there is always more coming in!

emma back

I have just hit 10K for the month! Yay! I'm so excited. I love the collegiality of the group, the mindset shifts that I am experiencing and the results. I am feeling more empowered all the time, I am looking at things differently and believing in myself more. Thank you Natalie

Kara Northcott

I joined the $10K Club and it’s the best decision I have ever made in my business. The group of women in the Club are phenomenal. We're all entrepreneurial in our own way. We have all our different niches and we all get together and we support each other in the group. It's been wonderful to meet such a lovely, inspiring, motivating, educated, empowering group of women.

In terms of coaching Natalie, my goodness, my whole business is changing already. Now. I'm so much clearer on my target audience. I thought I was but I really wasn't. I'm so much clearer on my messaging game. I’ve doubled my book sales in just one month too.

If you're thinking about coming on board Natalie’s $10K Club, I can highly recommend it. It really has changed my life and my business and it is the best thing I ever did. I'm just so excited to be going forward now, and having the business that I've I've always known I deserve to have.

Marlene Rose Shaw

The $10K Club is freaking awesome! It's giving me the right amount of butt-kicking, overdose on inspiration and the royal feeling all the way (Queens!) I've been a part of several facebook groups, but this one really, really rocks. I love the vibrations of the group and how the ladies support each other, give honest feedback and answer questions, and celebrate each other's win, big and small. We have each other's back. And it's just awesome.

And among all of us, Natalie is a shining rock star!I really appreciate her positive vibes, her energy, her engagement, which goes much beyond my expectations. She has a really thought through framework and asks me questions that really make me think and move me forward. I can see there is a lot of work happening in my head and a lot of transformation in me. And clarity and confidence are starting to win over my limiting beliefs, beliefs that I've had and all I can say is thank you, Natalie.

Mirka SeidEl

I sent out an email to my list about my new ebooks and resource library, and I made three sales. Just like that. The 10K Club has been life-changing for me, really. The lessons you share made me ask questions from myself, that I never even considered before - like my dreams, my relationship with money, what my overall mission is with my business + life.

I feel like I got a much better understanding of what it means to run a business now, and more vocabulary to express my expertise to potential clients.

I love the support from the Facebook group and the bi-weekly coaching calls. So much support and accountability.

I'm learning loads and feel like I'm growing exponentially as a person and business owner. I have no doubt that by the end of the year, I will smash that income goal!

Kathi Kamleitner

I'm sitting here with tears glistening. I just hit my money goals for the month. I could and would not have done this without Natalie & all of your support and encouragement, my Queens. A business owner for the last 7 years, I found myself floundering as my life took a spin. When I found the $10K club, I knew it was a much needed step in my life and in the life of my business. In less than five months I have re-centered myself in my why and restructured my business model.

The $10K club gave me the structure I needed to reframe and the support I needed to rebuild. Natalie’s 3 pillar framework and guidance is truly invaluable. The other women who are building their lives and their businesses not only inspire, but also help me see my own business through different perspectives.

During this crazy season of life I am so grateful for the structure, support and inspiration that is the true essence of this $10K club. I am back in the driver’s seat of my business and redefining freedom on my terms.

amanda workman

I get a nudge of clarity every time I am on the Moaching call! Now I can more clearly sense what I can offer, and your recommendation to do a minimum viable product was spot on! I feel I have enough clarity now to begin formulating a plan!

Thanks so much!!

Wendy Wright

Join Da Club and receive Over $10,000 in value! 

I have loved working with Natalie during the $10K club.  This program has really changed my outlook from not believing in myself to taking action that really works.  I now look and listen differently to other people's stories and I know that I too can make this work for me.  Through doing this course I have made enormous leaps forward in  my personal development which I didn't think would happen in such a short period.  Thank you for everything that you have shown and taught me, I apply it every day.

Kara Northcott

Memorial Diamond Specialist

Wendy Wright Headshot - 10k Club Member

Your feedback and thoughts are always so helpful and spot on! As a way to keep moving toward that goal of increasing my income by $10k per month, I wanted to share with you that I am now going to work on hiring some other financial therapists, to create more of a top notch home for top notch financial therapy.  You have been a great source of inspiration for me to think about this income growth step, so I wanted to share that with you. I am also continuing the habit of the 1% donation each month, I really like that encouragement from you.

Wendy wright

LMFT and Financial Therapist

Check Out the WINS + results!

10K Carol Clegg WIN
10K Club Emma Back WIN
10K Katie Anderson WIN
10K Tracey Beard WIN
10K Alexandra Amor WIN
10K Benita Tahari WIN
Amanda Workman - 10k Testimonial FB
10K Kim Morrison WIN

“My Tiny Offer is out and I have made my very first sale! The ladies in $10K Club are Queens that inspire each other, give honest feedback, celebrate with you each win and have your back. I appreciate the positive vibes, and Natalie's energy and engagement is beyond my expectations.”

Here’s what this $10K Club is Not!

Most online business memberships overload you with too much information - too many things to focus on, go through and consume.

You end up overwhelmed, lost in piles of content, or feeling guilty for not using something you’re paying for!

The $10k Club is NOT a place where that happens.

I promise you I designed this so you will not drown in content, surrounded by a dwindling pool of people who aren’t really engaged.

You won’t be one of the masses either, nope, this Club is intimate as heck, even as we grow and scale (and practice what we preach), my team and I treat you as one of the family, and will always support you on your journey and have your back.

While we’re at it, let’s rephrase the word ‘fee’. This $10K Club is an investment in your business and personal growth.

If you don’t think you can afford it, then you probably can’t. I’d never want you to doubt your decision.
However if you know that you’re worth it, and that your investment is going to 2X or 5X your income in just a few short months (yep this happens) and 10X your personal growth , then you’ll make the decision to join, like the badass you are!

Here is my 100%


I’ve helped hundreds of people literally change their lives through my programmes and combination of business coaching, gentle ass-kicking accountability and no B.S advice and experience.

Creating your perfect lifestyle business however, comes through determination, strategic hustle and consistent action – yes you have to commit to your making your dreams come true. What’s more, it takes time.

I can teach you more than you can possibly know in the $10K Club and you can create some amazing results for yourself if you are willing to invest in yourself, and trust that I believe in you and have your back.

However, if after the first 90 days together in this membership you are not absolutely thrilled with your progress and results, then you have every right to head out on your own, into the big bad world of entrepreneurship, and do your own thang. (I have a feeling you’ll never want to leave though). You won’t get a refund, as your experience will have already paid for itself, but if you decide to leave mid way through a month, I’ll refund you the portion that’s left, fair is totally fair.

I want you to have every opportunity to prove to yourself and me, that financial freedom and a business you love are entirely possible. So the only thing left for you to do… is get started NOW!


How much coaching will I be able to get on my business?

As much as you’re open to, and that you take advantage of. The group Moaching call hotseats, your answers in the Facebook group, advice on your lesson answers as you progress, personal email support from Natalie or her team.

When and what are the Moaching calls?

You get twice-monthly LIVE group moaching calls with me or my resident coaches (in two timezones so you can always make one). Calls happen on the first and third Monday of the month. We meet on Zoom and always have a blast.

LIVE Moaching and Peer to Peer Mastermind Calls happen on the first Monday 8pm NZ time (8am GMT), and Tuesday 12pm NZ time. (4pm PST).

These are split into 30 minutes of 1-1 hot seat coaching and half the time for peer-to-peer mentoring, where we use breakout rooms on Zoom to hang with two-three of your fellow ‘Queens’ and help each other solve your problems.

This is a beautiful way to get to know each other and your businesses, as well as see how awesome you are at giving advice and finding great solutions.

LIVE 60 Minute Group Moaching Calls happen on the third Monday of the month at 8pm NZ time (8am GMT), and Tuesday 8am NZ time (12pm PST).

These are focused on laser coaching for your specific challenge around getting more clients, charging what you’re worth, structuring your offer, launching your course, becoming more profitable, dealing with your team, attracting better clients, working your mindset...you name it, we dive deep into it!

These are always recorded and posted within hours of finishing in our Group and on the Members site.

I'm a total newbie in business, is this the right place for me?

I encourage newbies with ambition and a willingness to be coachable, take action and invest in themselves to join and get the wisdom of our seasoned entrepreneurs. It’s definitely to your advantage to have at least 6 months under your wing, or prior business experience, and an income from your business that you want to double, triple or 10X.

What happens after I join?

You get instant access to the $10K Club - including a welcome post with a few fun things to do including a great quiz that members say is super enlightening.

You also get access to the $10K Club Framework course, our Group HQ (on Facebook) where you will introduce yourself, and extra friendly support through a series of emails to make sure you feel at home and hit the ground running.

You’ll also be introduced, once you’ve settled in, to our $10K Club Income Tracker and get to soak up the goodness of the other Queens - both in our vibrant group and through our membership directory.

Can I get a refund if it doesn't work for me?

If it doesn’t ‘work’ for you, it’s most likely because you didn’t work for what you wanted, or truly believe that your dreams were possible. Not one member has left saying it wasn’t worth it. They’ve always found value in the experience in the Club. But we get that ‘life happens’, situations change and you may have wanted something else, so just give us 14 days notice and we will ensure you aren’t charged anymore than what you’ve invested so far. 

How much do I have to show up in this Club?

That’s entirely up to you, but if it were up to us, you’d spend all your proactive time there, soaking up the knowledge, working on your bottlenecks, implementing and taking action - and contributing.

You’d attend at least one Moaching call a month, go through the 9 lessons, and regularly share wins, challenges and ask questions in the Club.

And you’d soak up the energy, genuine care, support and wins of other members, and use it to put fuel on your fire to achieve your deepest desires..

Those who go all in, truly reap the rewards. However if you are making progress towards earning what you want, while working less and enjoying life more, then, we will be happy for you.

We won’t tolerate zero participation, ever. That’s simply not what we’re here for. We want to make Natalie’s mission a reality to empower women around the world to earn what their worth, and you get to be part of that. 

Is this a truly Global Club?

Sure is. We have members in 15 countries and counting, with all different businesses and experience. From seasoned veterans to talented startups.

The ethos, underlying principles and foundations this Club is built on are valued by everyone, and that’s what makes it so special.

The Moaching calls transcend borders and timezones so you can always rock up at your best and most alert to soak up the goodness.

Everything gets recorded too, and you’re encouraged to be there live, and also work your way through at your own pace, on your own time too.

I have another question that’s not answered here.

Excellent, please email lauryn@nataliesisson.com

What got you here won’t get you there

If you truly want to make the income and impact you desire, then what are you waiting for? This Club is ready for you and your brilliance to shine like a diamond!

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