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NOW is the perfect time to learn how to package your knowledge and expertise into an online course...even if you don't have a big list, audience or a clear idea of what you can teach.

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Introducing the
Launch Your Damn Course 60 Day Accelerator

This Accelerator is all about helping you to take action, so that at the end of the 60 days you will have researched, validated, designed and pre-sold your damn course!

Yes you heard me right! Rather than spend time and money creating an entire course before you know if people are even willing to buy it, you will work the smart way by reverse engineering this process and getting paid upfront to create and deliver your course. 

There's no point in you wasting precious hours creating all that content if you haven't validated who will buy your course. That's why I teach you a method that puts profit in your pocket first!

And I TRULY believe that EVERYONE has something of value to teach others, and that a course is one of the best ways to reach more people than you ever thought possible and make an impact - plus a healthy dose of revenue!

I have been dreaming about creating an online course for 6 years. I had tried a few times, but failed completely and was stuck in massive confusion of how to take the things I've been teaching 1:1 for years and put that into a comprehensive program. Natalie's crystal clear methods, fierce love and complete passion for empowering her students has absolutely changed my life and the outlook of my career! She helped me work through massive self- doubt and fear!

When I started the program, I only had 100 people on my list and I was burned out on teaching 30 1:1 students every single week and feeling hopeless about how to grow my income and get out of the time-for-money hamster wheel.

During the program, I not only grew my list to 350 people and counting, but I Launched My Damn Course with 6 registrations, more than doubling my investment, of the kind of people I most want to work with, in the middle of the Covid-19 Pandemic and on the very week that the US went on lockdown and millions of people lost their jobs!

I've discovered a whole new pathway for my business and I now feel confident, inspired and so excited when I wake up every day, with dozens of new email signups to my list and a course I can now continue to grow enrollments and income from, every time I launch.

Natalie  is a master at online business and was able to help me hone in on invaluable details like finding my ideal customer, organizing my expertise into a clear system and using powerful language to communicate what my course is about that I never would have been able to do alone.

Do yourself a favour, take Natalie's Accelerator! 

Emma Back

Avant-Folk Live Looping Artist, Vocalist, Violinist.

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