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You've come to a very special place, that's going to teach you...

How to get your business to

5-figure months...

So you can make the money you deserve, and the impact you desire

Imagine going on a journey where you can explore a combination of mastery, moaching and mentoring, designed to get you earning $10,000 a month in your business and 10X growth in you!

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This is the class that gets you to tap into your potential, so that you can…

  • Have a life of more ease, grace, and flow
  • ACTUALLY have a consistent income that gives you more fun and freedom

  • Have ALL the foundations in place for a thriving business that excites the HECK out of you

  • Run a profitable business that doesn’t 100% rely on you (so you can do all the things you really love doing - even if that’s walking the dog and eating ice cream in the sun)

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I'm sitting here with tears glistening. I just hit my money goals for the month. I could and would not have done this without Natalie & all of your support and encouragement, my Queens.

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In this free class you’re going to learn:

3 pillar framework

My proven 3 pillar framework that will blow your bank account out of the water (in a GOOD, $$$-loving kind of way)

If you’re thinking about all the times you had a plan to make more money, and it just didn’t work…

Then this is why you need this masterclass. I’m sharing my three pillar framework that is guaranteed to amplify your impact in business and in the world.

I’m also throwing in the TOP THREE things that are holding you back from stepping into your total $10K badassery.

5 proven ways

5 proven ways that make my clients $10K clients (that you likely aren’t doing but totally should be!)

Get all the juice on: How you *actually* initiate $10K months

Gain clarity on your business model so that $10K looks easier than you thought (easier than pie)

How $10K months can change what your life looks like (get ready for a whole lot of YUM)

queens to earn 10k months

How I, and my Queens, have made it to $10K months

Whether you’re a service provider, course creator, coach, author, speaker, run your own business or are an entrepreneur with a side hustle…

I have the methodology you need to start your journey to $10K monthly income.

About Your Host

Hi, I'm Natalie Sisson

I’m a Kiwi business owner and entrepreneur, the Suitcase Entrepreneur in a previous life, coach, course creator, author, speaker, podcaster and dog lover. I can also do a JUICY handstand.

Here’s what I know for sure:

You have a big vision to build a business you love that makes you the income you deserve and the impact you desire.

  • You should easily be able to cover your living expenses (easily being the key word here).
  • You should be able to afford travel and regular holidays
  • You should be able to invest in yourself and others
  • You can hire a team
  • You can make contributions that matter
  • You should be enjoying the finer things in life
  • You can have time and money freedom
  • Let's make it happen!

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