April 25

Why You Need to Use Toggl to reclaim your time


Ever found yourself working all day, but not being able to tick things off your to-do list?

You’ve spent hours on your laptop jumping from one task to the other, but you have nothing to show for it?

In this video, the first of my ‘Tech Tools Thursday’ series, I show you how you can efficiently track your hours to finally pin point how much time you are spending on certain things like emails and watching cat videos on YouTube, so you can start prioritising what matters!

Yes, you really can know EXACTLY where your time goes, thanks to the power of the awesome tool, Toggl – a fantastic time tracking app that will give you a bird’s eye view on how you spend every minute of your working day.

In a matter of days of using it, you’ll be able to clearly see exactly where your time is spent, on what and how long things really take you to do.

Which means you’ll quickly be able to eliminate pointless tasks, get a handle on your time management and start working on what matters most.

I’m personally addicted to it and have gotten into a valuable habit of using this time tracking tool every SINGLE day to track every working moment, and some life admin activities too such as my triathlon training, and other non-work related tasks.

It’s golden. You can’t hide from the real data that the Toggl Reports give you about where you spend (or waste your time), especially if you have categorized your work into areas like marketing, financial, email, client work, writing and other projects.

Key Time Tracking Features of Toggl You’ll Love

  1. Set and track a reminder so that the Toggl app pops up to say, in essence, “Hey want to track your time right now?’. People forgetting to track their time is a common problem….
  2. Record your computer usage with Toggl Timeline.
  3. Easily pause and continue time entries with one click, so you can walk away and come back to an entry, or pick it up later when you start work on it again.
  4. Get detailed Toggl reports to show you exactly where your time is going and be able to bill clients directly based on your time spent on their projects – perfect for freelancers!
  5. Filter your reports and on your Toggl dashboard by project, so you can get a quick view of how much time you’ve really spent on your writing your book versus surfing your Instagram feed.

Want to know more features? Start by reading this handy blog post from Toggl: 5 Extremely Useful Toggl Features You Didn’t Know About


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