March 10

Why Your Immune Strength Is More Important Than Loo Paper!


The irony is not lost on me that as I spend each day at the hospital with Josh’s Dad and family, and as Covid-19 panic spreads across the planet, I feel at my most fit and healthy ever and my immune strength is strong.

I put this down to three key things:

#1. Yoga

Yoga is honestly the most beneficial thing I’ve done throughout the last 6+ years for my mind, body and soul.

To think when I first saw it I thought it was too slow and boring for my energised self. Ha! How wrong I was.

Since January 1st I’ve been doing it daily as it makes me feel like a $1 million dollars, and I’ve seen my body change shape and become lean, supple, strong and sexy.

I’ve felt my mind calm and strengthen, and my breathing be deep and nurturing. And I’ve handled a bunch of bad news, plans changing and general ‘house’ stuff like water pipes bursting with ‘mostly’ grace and ease.

I pretty much credit all of this to yoga and mediation.

Read or watch my video on The Benefits of Doing Daily Yoga.

#2. Plant-based eating

A few days ago marked three months of Josh and I eating pretty much vegan. 

I’ve never been vegetarian in my life or taken stints of any type of way of eating (bar going into Ketosis during my Body Sculpting competition purely through the training and eating recommended for me).

So to go plant-based over night after my Half Ironman has been surprisingly easy and natural for me and I feel I’ve responded well to it, for my body and blood type.

I’ve not only got more energy but in the last month I’ve leaned out more. I also look younger and feel healthier.

For me it’s working and I’m experimenting with making sure I get all the right nutrients too.

A side benefit I hadn’t considered is a lack of decision fatigue. With fewer options for going out to eat, and delicious meals available on the menu but less of them, it’s super easy to choose what to eat – BONUS!

#3. Supplements

I’ve been taking supplements on and off throughout life, but they work best when you take them consistently!

I do believe that’s a rule for life and business to – turn up, be consistent and results and success will come in any endeavour you undertake.

Read Why Consistency is Your Secret Weapon

I digress…since starting my triathlon training last year I’ve been consistently taking a handful of supplements.

Read or watch the Lure of Triathlons.

They’ve made a huge difference to my daily energy and also recovery after fitness.

Most importantly they’ve made the most difference to my IMMUNE system, which I’ve always thought was in great shape from all the years of traveling and exposure to all sorts of different bugs and viruses.

But last year I got the flu three times from working in my hometown, commuting and being in office environments far too much for my liking.

After that experience which was not fun, I got serious about my immune system and the three things I’ve shared above have meant I’ve been at my best for over 6 months now.

With Corona Virus or Covi-19 being top of mind for literally everyone I know, and seeing the ridiculous panic buying all over the world of the ill-informed folks, it’s showing me how scared people are.

And it’s a BIG unknown at this time for sure, and the new 5% mortality rate in Italy is certainly scary as heck.

As I look to cancel all my pre planned flights, and act as a responsible human to not take any unnecessary travel especially for group events and conferences (that all of mine was centered around), I’m damn grateful for my health.

Why a Healthy Immune System is so Important 

Right now, a healthy overall immune strength is the best thing you can focus on for yourself and your loved ones.

When you’re in business for yourself, it’s even more important, because if you get sick, and your business isn’t a freedom-based business with passive revenue, that works without you, you’re f#cked.

If you’re in the business of getting paid to be YOU, and you are unable to work and show up as your best self, it could be the one thing that takes you and your business down.

I think about this a lot. It’s why I got health insurance properly last year, and why I’ve set myself up with multiple revenue streams.

It’s also why I’m so passionate about my NEW Mission to Help 1,000 Women Earn $10,000 per month and give at least 1% to charities they care most about.

I’m keen to share how that $10,000 can come from a variety of different sources that don’t all rely on you.

But if you’re currently in a position where you’re earning all your income from active income based around you showing up in order to earn it, then looking after YOU is critical.

And it starts with staying healthy, fit, eating well and supplementing to add that extra layer of protection to your body. 

This doesn’t mean that you won’t ever get sick or that supplements will make you bulletproof.

It just means your bodies defence system is strong and can defend itself naturally.

In the interests of you remaining healthy and strong during this time, and all times, I wanted to share what I’m taking in case it helps you out.

ReishiMax GLpReishi Max NuSkin Natalie Sisson

Is a dietary supplement formulated to provide long-term nutritional support for a healthy immune system and has been demonstrated to support healthy immune system function and stimulate immune cell proliferation.

In a study from the National University of Taiwan who evaluated this mushroom supplement I take, showed an increase in immune function by as much as 822% compared to other products!

Check it out here.

By the way, did you know Reishi is one of the earliest herbal remedies recorded in Shen Nong Ben Cao Jing, between the years of 206 B.C. — 8 A.D. (Shen 1997) and is one of the most valued and potent herbal products in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

g3® is a nutrient-rich juiceG3 Superfruit Juice NuSkin Natalie Sisson

It comes from the prized gâc “Superfruit” of Southern Asia, whose nutritional benefits have been scientifically demonstrated to protect cells. Among gâc’s potent phytonutrients are a unique and highly-bioavailable form of carotenoids called “lipocarotenes™” that provide powerful antioxidants which support healthy immune function. Check it out here.

“Remember an ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure”

– Ben Franklin, 1763.

One more thing….

Educate Yourself on Corona Virus and Be a Leader

There’s a shit ton of media out there turning normally smart people into freaked out ones who are forcing supermarkets to sell out of hand sanitizer, masks and toilet paper.

This kind of behaviour is not only silly it’s potentially harmful for people who do legitimately need these supplies like hospitals and health professionals.

So here are two GREAT articles on the basics of protecting yourself from Corona Virus, and any flu to be honest.

Forget toilet paper – soap and water is the bomb, as Dave Troy writes about in: Why we should care – commonly asked questions and answers about Covid-19 

What you can do to step up and be a responsible human being: Leadership in the Time of Covid-19 Corona Virus by my friend Ellie Losleben.



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