Want more purpose, potential and profit in 2021? (Ummmm...duh, Natalie. Who doesn’t?)

Plan your Profitable Freedom Year…Like a BOSS

Reclaim control of this crazy year* by creating your 12 month vision for 2021, profitable business plan, and content and marketing calendar in just 2 hours!

(*I tried to find an adjective, but they’ve all been used up. Also, how DO you actually describe this year? No idea.)

 Let's make sure that 2021 is the year you TRULY adore, become unstoppable, make more money, have more fun...whatever you desire. Let's do this!


You missed out!

I know, 2020 is not the year you expected it to be, but it’s entirely possible to reclaim your big visions and goals and make 2021 your year!

In less than 2 hours 
you can plan and implement your entire year. Yep!

You have inbuilt time during my training to implement like a rockstar and you'll use my proven and fun, step-by-step process to focus on what matters.

Plus you’ll have an energising and enthusiastic coach right beside you. Me!

Meet Your Coach + Host

I’m Natalie Sisson - Kiwi entrepreneur, author, speaker, lover of dogs, handstands and crossfit.

I’ve been a little bit obsessed with planning, goal-setting, intention-setting since I was a kid. In 2013,
I created my 3 first year vision for my life and business, and 60% of it came true within the first year!

Like a No#1 Bestselling Book, being invited to do a TEDx talk in England, and having a six-figure launch.

I went on to teach hundreds of my students how to do the same, and they started getting the same amazing results. One of them even said
“Damn, be careful what you wish for, because this methodology is powerful and what I wished for is happening faster than I imagined".

In the years since, even as a free spirit, I’ve become a huge advocate for making big visions a reality by reverse engineering them into quarterly, monthly, weekly and even daily focused actions.

In fact in 2017, my partner Josh and I created
LifePilot, a methodology and tool to map out your dreams and turn them into a reality.

Our friends kept asking us how come we were so energised, on fire and clear on what we wanted in all areas of our life, and how come we were achieving it.

So we started teaching them LifePilot and then turned it into an online course, with amazing results.

In fact, in this workshop
I’ll give you a sneek peek into using our LifePilot system for yourself, and access to the tool, because it really works!!

And now...I want to help you plan for
your profitable freedom year.

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Let’s play a game of “which would you rather?”

Would you rather fly by the seat of your pants in 2021, with no plan, and just hope it all works out and you end up flitting through the meadows as a free being with fairy wings?


Would you rather plan out your ideal year with a tried and true method that really works, smashing your goals, raking in the dosh, and freeing your own self?

Did you know, that a Harvard Business Study showed that:

  • 83% of the population does not have goals!
  • 14% have a plan in mind but haven't written their goals down.
  • Only 3% have goals written down.

The study went on to find that the 14% of people who have goals are 10 times more successful than those without goals. 

Even better, the 3% with written goals are 3 times more successful than 14% with unwritten goals.

Plan Your Profitable Freedom Year...Like a BOSS, is about making you 99% more successful than the rest of the population, by not only envisioning your best year ever, but also making a kick-ass plan to achieve it, in just 2 hours!

This is for you if:

  • You’re focused on banking six-figures in 2021 but don’t actually have a plan on how to achieve that.
  • Are launching something BIG, but have no idea what to do after that.
  • You run your own business and you are tired of not knowing what to tackle first, second, third...you get the picture.
  • You’re detail-orientated and good at planning, but you want to be even BETTER.
  • You’re too emotionally invested to implement your own planning advice into your business (the same advice you give all your clients).
  • You’re ready to make a change but you need a kick in the pants (with love, of course).
  • You actually need an entire life plan so that your dreams and desires become a reality, once and for all. This isn’t all about work, baby!

So why not make the coming year different and join this workshop as I guide you through the exact method I use to map out my entire year - in a way that's a complete reversal of how so many others approach their annual planning.

This ain't no ordinary training! 

Unlike other courses, this is an action-taking training (with built-in 'doing' breaks for you to learn, and then immediately apply, DO and achieve!

And before we even start, I’ll have you working like the boss you are!
I’ve put together some fun pre-course exercises for you to do, so that on the day of our live sessions, you are ready to rock.

You answer some questions, and Bam! Things open right up so you can get the most out of Plan Your Profitable Freedom Year...Like a Boss.

Here is the 4-Step Process:

Step 1: Set Your 12 Month Vision

Set your 12 Month Vision and plan out your entire year so you prioritise what matters. This is unconventional planning starting with fierce, fabulous YOU. Then you engineer in your big juicy projects for the year ahead. Can I get a whoop?

Step 2: Map Out Your Juicy Life Goals

MAP OUT YOUR QUARTERLY, MONTHLY and WEEKLY ACTIONS based on your annual goals and the calendar so you know exactly what to do to achieve amazing results in your business and life in 2021 using the Life Pilot Methodology!

Step 3: Create Your 1 Page 'Miracle' Biz Plan

Take your big vision and business goals and map them out into my 1 Page 'Miracle' Biz Plan so you are 88% more likely to make them a reality! I'll walk you through my template so you smash this out and feel focused and on track to have your best year ever!

Step 4: Create Your Profitable Calendar

Take your big vision and plans, and put them into your OWN SALES, MARKETING and CONTENT CALENDAR so you know exactly what you're doing to make 2021 a profitable and abundant year - I'll show you my calendar as a real example of what's possible.

Watch a sneak peek of last year's workshop here


This workshop and the Life Pilot course was exactly what I needed to get my new business off to a running start. I’m loving the framework, it’s already helping me get the rest of this year scheduled and moving forward towards a more profitable new year. I have gained clarity around what is important in my business and my life and a way to keep me focused on those goals. Natalie is lovely and supportive and genuinely cares about you.

Tracy Ambrose



I am so glad I found Natalie Sisson! She has been an inspiration during my career transition from corporate executive to running my own wellbeing business. Her blogs, podcasts and interviews provide a wealth of knowledge and share specific tools for success. Natalie's Plan Your Ideal Freedom Year Workshop is an invaluable organizational tool to keep entrepreneurs like me on track with the goals that really matter. What I enjoy most about Natalie is her explosive, positive spirit and willingness to help others build the life they truly want. Thanks Natalie!

Dr. Marilyn Palmer,

Healthcare Executive

You'll also get these 

BONUSES worth $113 for free!
(Yup, true story)

My 1-Page 'Miracle' Profitable Biz Plan  (valued at $39)

My Master Content Marketing Editorial Calendar Template
(valued at $47)

Access to the LifePilot tool and video training on how to use our methodology (valued at $27)

Plus You Get life-time access to this online training! 

You get access to the entire 4-stage course forever! 

Here's what a handful of attendees have already said about this Planning and Action-taking Workshop and Course...


I can't thank Natalie enough for this workshop. After spending so much time helping clients plan it was great to take a step back and get support from Natalie in this area for myself. It was good to get different lenses on to look at my own business and plot the course. Natalie kept this simple and easy to implement and is encouraging at the same time. I recommend this course to anyone that needs the same kick that I did to get this task done!

Cadi Jordan, Chief Creative Officer

Jordan Consulting


I’m really good at planning, and detail-obsessed but your hands-on workshop gave me a behind the scenes look into exactly how a successful entrepreneur (like you Natalie) plans their year and allowed me to tweak my method to get even more out of my planning. I also loved that we got to experience the Pomodoro method in that there were breaks every 20 minutes or so to have us actually implement. This was a great learn-by-doing opportunity. The main takeaway was to plan my dream year, not what I thought was possible, but to set my goals and dreams first and then fill in with practical bits. This may seem obvious but it really clarified it for me watching Natalie walk us through it. I have immediately started writing daily Most Important Actions (MIAs) and put it on a post-it on my computer screen. I constantly catch myself going back to it to stay on top of what matters most.

Vanessa Shaw,

Founder at Human Side of Tech


I really enjoyed your workshop. It was very helpful. One of my biggest takeaways was something you mentioned in passing at the beginning: harmony not balance. I’ve been reflecting on that the last several days and so far it seems to be a really huge shift for me! I’m excited to bring that with me into the New Year! Thanks again.

Katie Milton,

CEO, Katie Milton Consulting


I signed up to Natalie's Ideal Year planning workshop wanting to understand how a fellow entrepreneur plans out her year. It was so worth it, Natalie's process is easy to follow and detailed enough that you don't miss out anything. Most importantly you put freedom first, yay! Highly recommended


CEO, Yogat Mat Co.


Just spent the best 2 hours on your workshop. It was fantastic! Thank you Natalie for your focus and planning expertise. I love how practical and organised you are and how easy you make planning happen.

Catherine Newton, 

Money Coach


Natalie your planning workshop was the exact kick in the butt I needed to start getting ahead for next year, now.

Amy Mitchell


The workshop was awesome! I feel like it prompted me to dream big again and actually plan out the goals I wanted to accomplish. To tell you the truth, I was a bit on the fence about signing up since my boyfriend and I were going on vacation to Turks and Caicos. But something told me I needed to make time for this so I ended up doing the workshop on the beach. :) At one point, it just hit me and told my boyfriend how this is so incredible - we're from Miami, on a beach in Turks and Caicos, doing a workshop led by you in New Zealand with people all over the globe! Technology is so awesome. I was in and out of the workshop but I'll go deeper into it this weekend when I'm in a less distracting place. Thanks for preparing the recording. 

Jamie Co


You missed out!

Here's a few As to your Qs

Do I need to own a business already for this to be useful to me?

It's definitely suited to entrepreneurs, freelancers and side-hustlers, but the techniques and methods I will pass on will benefit anyone wanting to be more organised, and set their year up for success.

Is this just about business planning, or can I apply this to my life?

This is totally designed to set your vision, intentions and goals for your life and business, thanks to the integration of the Life Pilot Methodology as a key way to focus on YOU, your life and your business holistically.

Can I get started right away?

When you buy this Black Friday Special, you will get access on 1 December to the Pre-Planning lessons to do before diving into the four trainings to make your next 12 months the best ever, as well as the templates and Life Pilot tool to use as you go.


I just wanted to say a big thank you for your Planning Your Ideal workshop!! I've just finished listening to the audio recordings on my second day back at work and I loved it! I'm a marketing consultant and I find it really easy to help my clients get clear on their goals and actions, but I find it SO hard to take my own advice and apply it to my own business - I'm too close and emotionally invested. Watching the recording enabled me to pause and complete the actions as I went, so my Annual Calendar is done (hallelujah!). I'm already feeling in control. Thank you again x

Margaret Browne


Wow! Great workshop Natalie! Really valuable. Lots of great info that I related to. I’ve just launched my website and was sooo focused on launching that I forgot to think enough about what happens after launching. I’ve been flailing around for the last few weeks , drowning in everything that needs to be done now. This session has helped me get a better grip on how to tackle everything.

Caroline Harrison,



I loved the workshop - it was awesome. It was so great to get a content-filled webinar without having to sit through any sales pitch. The price point was just right too - not too expensive, and by making me pay for it, I made sure I turned up! I found the content really useful and will be putting it into practice for next year. I also enjoyed the connection of being live with not just yourself, but the other entrepreneurs as well. It can be lonely sometimes sitting in front of a PC all day...… So in summary, LOVED IT. PS I still use your template for my planning.

Julie Hemmings


I really enjoyed Natalie's planning workshop. It helped me to focus on where my business is going, develop key systems for content and has made it easier to achieve my goals and stay on track.

Jenni Bush


You missed out!

How great will it feel to smash out your 2021 planning in less than 2 hours?

If you want to head into the new decade with your visions and goals in place and ready for action, then it's a no-brainer.