January 29

Your Word. Your Year


Every year, I pick one word that becomes my theme for the year.

This one word represents what I want to focus on. In previous years it’s been freedom, growth, clarity and focus.

You’d think one measly word wouldn’t make much of a difference to your life, but I have to tell you….it’s a game changer!

Whenever you’re off track, it helps you come back to focus in on what’s important, what matters, and what you really want out of your year.

In this episode I reveal:

  • My word for 2018 (and why people laughed at it)
  • My new quest to vlog like a boss
  • A great audio and book resource I’m using to learn to vlog like a boss
  • Why this is the year to OWN it (and put on your grown up panties)

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Listen and learn my friend….or just be entertained.

Key resources to check out:ir?t=freedom0704 20&l=li1&o=1&a=1946114162 - Your Word. Your Year



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